Original textModern textKey line
My Lord Protector, 'tis his Highnes pleasure,My Lord Protector, 'tis his highness' pleasure2H6 I.ii.56
You do prepare to ride vnto S. Albons,You do prepare to ride unto Saint Albans,2H6 I.ii.57
Where as the King and Queene do meane to Hawke.Where as the King and Queen do mean to hawk.2H6 I.ii.58
My Lord, a prize, a prize, heeres the Lord My lord, a prize, a prize! Here's the Lord2H6 IV.vii.17
Say, which sold the Townes in France. He that made vs Say, which sold the towns in France; he that made us2H6 IV.vii.18
pay one and twenty Fifteenes, and one shilling to the pay one-and-twenty fifteens, and one shilling to the2H6 IV.vii.19
pound, the last Subsidie.pound, the last subsidy.2H6 IV.vii.20
Please it your Grace to be aduertised,Please it your grace to be advertised2H6 IV.ix.23
The Duke of Yorke is newly come from Ireland,The Duke of York is newly come from Ireland,2H6 IV.ix.24
And with a puissant and a mighty powerAnd with a puissant and a mighty power2H6 IV.ix.25
Of Gallow-glasses and stout Kernes,Of gallowglasses and stout kerns2H6 IV.ix.26
Is marching hitherward in proud array,Is marching hitherward in proud array;2H6 IV.ix.27
And still proclaimeth as he comes along,And still proclaimeth, as he comes along,2H6 IV.ix.28
His Armes are onely to remoue from theeHis arms are only to remove from thee2H6 IV.ix.29
The Duke of Somerset, whom he tearmes a Traitor.The Duke of Somerset, whom he terms a traitor.2H6 IV.ix.30