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And't shall please your Maiestie, I neuer sayd nor An't shall please your majesty, I never said nor2H6 I.iii.185
thought any such matter: God is my witnesse, I am falsely thought any such matter. God is my witness, I am falsely2H6 I.iii.186
accus'd by the Villaine.accused by the villain.2H6 I.iii.187
Alas, my Lord, hang me if euer I spake the words: Alas, my lord, hang me if ever I spake the words.2H6 I.iii.195
my accuser is my Prentice, and when I did correct him My accuser is my prentice, and when I did correct him2H6 I.iii.196
for his fault the other day, he did vow vpon his knees for his fault the other day, he did vow upon his knees2H6 I.iii.197
he would be euen with me: I haue good witnesse of this; he would be even with me. I have good witness of this;2H6 I.iii.198
therefore I beseech your Maiestie, doe not cast away an therefore I beseech your majesty, do not cast away an2H6 I.iii.199
honest man for a Villaines accusation.honest man for a villain's accusation.2H6 I.iii.200
And I accept the Combat willingly.And I accept the combat willingly.2H6 I.iii.210
Let it come yfaith, and Ile pledge you all,Let it come, i'faith, and I'll pledge you all;2H6 II.iii.66
and a figge for Peter.and a fig for Peter!2H6 II.iii.67
Masters, I am come hither as it were vpon my Masters, I am come hither, as it were, upon my2H6 II.iii.85
Mans instigation, to proue him a Knaue, and my selfe an man's instigation, to prove him a knave and myself an2H6 II.iii.86
honest man: and touching the Duke of Yorke, I will take honest man; and touching the Duke of York, I will take2H6 II.iii.87
my death, I neuer meant him any ill, nor the King, nor my death I never meant him any ill, nor the King, nor2H6 II.iii.88
the Queene: and therefore Peter haue at thee with athe Queen; and therefore, Peter, have at thee with a2H6 II.iii.89
downe-right blow.downright blow.2H6 II.iii.90
Hold Peter, hold, I confesse, I confesse Treason.Hold, Peter, hold! I confess, I confess treason.2H6 II.iii.93