Original textModern textKey line
Ile stay aboue the hill, so both may shoot.I'll stay above the hill, so both may shoot.3H6 III.i.5
Heere comes a man, let's stay till he be past:Here comes a man; let's stay till he be past.3H6 III.i.12
Why linger we? Let vs lay hands vpon him.Why linger we? Let us lay hands upon him.3H6 III.i.26
Say, what art thou talk'st of Kings & Queens?Say, what art thou that talkest of kings and queens?3H6 III.i.55
I, but thou talk'st, as if thou wer't a King.Ay, but thou talkest as if thou wert a king.3H6 III.i.59
But if thou be a King, where is thy Crowne?But if thou be a king, where is thy crown?3H6 III.i.61
Well, if you be a King crown'd with Content,Well, if you be a king crowned with content,3H6 III.i.66
Your Crowne Content, and you, must be contentedYour crown content and you must be contented3H6 III.i.67
To go along with vs. For (as we thinke)To go along with us; for, as we think,3H6 III.i.68
You are the king King Edward hath depos'd:You are the king King Edward hath deposed;3H6 III.i.69
And we his subiects, sworne in all Allegeance,And we his subjects, sworn in all allegiance,3H6 III.i.70
Will apprehend you, as his Enemie.Will apprehend you as his enemy.3H6 III.i.71
No, neuer such an Oath, nor will not now.No, never such an oath, nor will not now.3H6 III.i.73
Heere in this Country, where we now remaine.Here in this country, where we now remain.3H6 III.i.75