Original textModern textKey line
Thou that so stoutly hath resisted me,Thou that so stoutly hath resisted me,3H6 II.v.79
Giue me thy Gold, if thou hast any Gold:Give me thy gold, if thou hast any gold;3H6 II.v.80
For I haue bought it with an hundred blowes.For I have bought it with an hundred blows.3H6 II.v.81
But let me see: Is this our Foe-mans face?But let me see: is this our foeman's face?3H6 II.v.82
Ah, no, no, no, it is mine onely Sonne.Ah, no, no, no, it is mine only son!3H6 II.v.83
Ah Boy, if any life be left in thee,Ah, boy, if any life be left in thee,3H6 II.v.84
Throw vp thine eye: see, see, what showres arise,Throw up thine eye! See, see what showers arise,3H6 II.v.85
Blowne with the windie Tempest of my heart,Blown with the windy tempest of my heart,3H6 II.v.86
Vpon thy wounds, that killes mine Eye, and Heart.Upon thy wounds, that kills mine eye and heart!3H6 II.v.87
O pitty God, this miserable Age!O, pity, God, this miserable age!3H6 II.v.88
What Stragems? how fell? how Butcherly?What stratagems, how fell, how butcherly,3H6 II.v.89
Erreoneous, mutinous, and vnnaturall,Erroneous, mutinous, and unnatural,3H6 II.v.90
This deadly quarrell daily doth beget?This deadly quarrel daily doth beget!3H6 II.v.91
O Boy! thy Father gaue thee life too soone,O boy, thy father gave thee life too soon,3H6 II.v.92
And hath bereft thee of thy life too late.And hath bereft thee of thy life too late!3H6 II.v.93
How will my Wife, for slaughter of my Sonne,How will my wife for slaughter of my son3H6 II.v.105
Shed seas of Teares, and ne're be satisfi'd?Shed seas of tears and ne'er be satisfied!3H6 II.v.106
Was euer Father so bemoan'd his Sonne?Was ever father so bemoaned his son?3H6 II.v.110
These armes of mine shall be thy winding sheet:These arms of mine shall be thy winding-sheet;3H6 II.v.114
My heart (sweet Boy) shall be thy Sepulcher,My heart, sweet boy, shall be thy sepulchre,3H6 II.v.115
For from my heart, thine Image ne're shall go.For from my heart thine image ne'er shall go;3H6 II.v.116
My sighing brest, shall be thy Funerall bell;My sighing breast shall be thy funeral bell;3H6 II.v.117
And so obsequious will thy Father be,And so obsequious will thy father be,3H6 II.v.118
Men for the losse of thee, hauing no more,Even for the loss of thee, having no more,3H6 II.v.119
As Priam was for all his Valiant Sonnes,As Priam was for all his valiant sons.3H6 II.v.120
Ile beare thee hence, and let them fight that will,I'll bear thee hence; and let them fight that will,3H6 II.v.121
For I haue murthered where I should not kill. For I have murdered where I should not kill.3H6 II.v.122