Original textModern textKey line
So that from point to point, now haue you heardSo that from point to point now have you heardAW III.i.1
The fundamentall reasons of this warre,The fundamental reasons of this war,AW III.i.2
Whose great decision hath much blood let forthWhose great decision hath much blood let forth,AW III.i.3
And more thirsts after.And more thirsts after.AW III.i.4.1
Therefore we meruaile much our Cosin FranceTherefore we marvel much our cousin FranceAW III.i.7
Would in so iust a businesse, shut his bosomeWould in so just a business shut his bosomAW III.i.8
Against our borrowing prayers.Against our borrowing prayers.AW III.i.9.1
Be it his pleasure.Be it his pleasure.AW III.i.16.2
Welcome shall they bee:Welcome shall they be,AW III.i.19.2
And all the honors that can flye from vs,And all the honours that can fly from usAW III.i.20
Shall on them settle: you know your places well,Shall on them settle. You know your places well;AW III.i.21
When better fall, for your auailes they fell,When better fall, for your avails they fell.AW III.i.22
To morrow to'th the field. Tomorrow to the field.AW III.i.23
The Generall of our horse thou art, and weThe general of our horse thou art, and we,AW III.iii.1
Great in our hope, lay our best loue and credenceGreat in our hope, lay our best love and credenceAW III.iii.2
Vpon thy promising fortune.Upon thy promising fortune.AW III.iii.3.1
Then go thou forth,Then go thou forth,AW III.iii.6.2
And fortune play vpon thy prosperous helmeAnd fortune play upon thy prosperous helmAW III.iii.7
As thy auspicious mistris.As thy auspicious mistress!AW III.iii.8.1

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