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I am resolu'd, 'tis but a three yeeres fast:I am resolved. 'Tis but a three years' fast.LLL I.i.24
The minde shall banquet, though the body pine,The mind shall banquet though the body pine.LLL I.i.25
Fat paunches haue leane pates: and dainty bits,Fat paunches have lean pates, and dainty bitsLLL I.i.26
Make rich the ribs, but bankerout the wits.Make rich the ribs but bankrupt quite the wits.LLL I.i.27
You swore to that Berowne, and to the rest.You swore to that, Berowne, and to the rest.LLL I.i.53
Hee weedes the corne, and still lets grow the weeding.He weeds the corn, and still lets grow the weeding.LLL I.i.96
Foure dayes agoe.Four days ago.LLL I.i.121
Marry that did I.Marry, that did I.LLL I.i.124
To fright them hence with that dread penaltie,To fright them hence with that dread penalty.LLL I.i.126
Costard the swaine and he, shall be our sport,Costard the swain and he shall be our sport,LLL I.i.177
And so to studie, three yeeres is but short.And so to study three years is but short.LLL I.i.178
A high hope for a low heauen, God grant vsA high hope for a low heaven. God grant usLLL I.i.191
patience. patience!LLL I.i.192
To heare meekely sir, and to laugh moderately,To hear meekly, sir, and to laugh moderately;LLL I.i.194
or to forbeare both.or to forbear both.LLL I.i.195
I beseech you a word: what is she in the white?I beseech you a word. What is she in the white?LLL II.i.183
Perchance light in the light: I desire her name.Perchance light in the light. I desire her name.LLL II.i.185
Pray you sir, whose daughter?Pray you, sir: whose daughter?LLL II.i.187
Gods blessing a your beard.God's blessing on your beard!LLL II.i.189
Nay, my choller is ended:Nay, my choler is ended.LLL II.i.192
Shee is a most sweet Lady. Exit. Long.She is a most sweet lady.LLL II.i.193
Ay me, I am forsworne.Ay me, I am forsworn!LLL IV.iii.44
Am I the first yt haue been periur'd so?Am I the first that have been perjured so?LLL IV.iii.49
I feare these stubborn lines lack power to moue.I fear these stubborn lines lack power to move.LLL IV.iii.53
O sweet Maria, Empresse of my Loue,(reading) O sweet Maria, empress of my love!LLL IV.iii.54
These numbers will I teare, and write in prose.These numbers will I tear, and write in prose.LLL IV.iii.55
This same shall goe.This same shall go:LLL IV.iii.57.2
Did not the heauenly Rhetoricke of thine eye,Did not the heavenly rhetoric of thine eye,LLL IV.iii.58
'Gainst whom the world cannot hold argument,'Gainst whom the world cannot hold argument,LLL IV.iii.59
Perswade my heart to this false periurie?Persuade my heart to this false perjury?LLL IV.iii.60
Vowes for thee broke deserue not punishment.Vows for thee broke deserve not punishment.LLL IV.iii.61
A Woman I forswore, but I will proue,A woman I forswore, but I will prove – LLL IV.iii.62
Thou being a Goddesse, I forswore not thee.Thou being a goddess – I forswore not thee.LLL IV.iii.63
My Vow was earthly, thou a heauenly Loue.My vow was earthly, thou a heavenly love;LLL IV.iii.64
Thy grace being gain'd, cures all disgrace in me.Thy grace, being gained, cures all disgrace in me.LLL IV.iii.65
Vowes are but breath, and breath a vapour is.Vows are but breath, and breath a vapour is;LLL IV.iii.66
Then thou faire Sun, which on my earth doest shine,Then thou, fair sun, which on my earth dost shine,LLL IV.iii.67
Exhalest this vapor-vow, in thee it is:Exhalest this vapour-vow; in thee it is.LLL IV.iii.68
If broken then, it is no fault of mine:If broken, then, it is no fault of mine;LLL IV.iii.69
If by me broke, What foole is not so wise,If by me broke, what fool is not so wiseLLL IV.iii.70
To loose an oath, to win a Paradise?To lose an oath to win a paradise?LLL IV.iii.71
By whom shall I send this (company?) Stay.By whom shall I send this? – Company? Stay.LLL IV.iii.75
And I had mine.And I had mine!LLL IV.iii.90.2
Dumaine, thy Loue is farre from charitie,Dumaine, thy love is far from charity.LLL IV.iii.125
That in Loues griefe desir'st societie:That in love's grief desirest society.LLL IV.iii.126
You may looke pale, but I should blush I know,You may look pale, but I should blush, I know,LLL IV.iii.127
To be ore-heard, and taken napping so.To be o'erheard and taken napping so.LLL IV.iii.128
It did moue him to passion, and therefore let's heare it.It did move him to passion, and therefore let's hear it.LLL IV.iii.200
And since her time, are Colliers counted bright.And since her time are colliers counted bright.LLL IV.iii.265
Looke, heer's thy loue, my foot and her face see.Look, here's thy love (showing his shoe); my foot and her face see.LLL IV.iii.275
O some authority how to proceed,O, some authority how to proceed!LLL IV.iii.285
Some tricks, some quillets, how to cheat the diuell.Some tricks, some quillets, how to cheat the devil!LLL IV.iii.286
Now to plaine dealing, Lay these glozes by,Now to plain dealing. Lay these glosses by.LLL IV.iii.346
Shall we resolue to woe these girles of France?Shall we resolve to woo these girls of France?LLL IV.iii.347
I know the reason Ladie why you aske.I know the reason, lady, why you ask.LLL V.ii.243
You haue a double tongue within your mask.You have a double tongue within your mask,LLL V.ii.245
And would affoord my speechlesse vizard halfe.And would afford my speechless visor half.LLL V.ii.246
A Calfe faire Ladie?A calf, fair lady!LLL V.ii.248.1
Let's part the word.Let's part the word.LLL V.ii.249.1
Looke how you but your selfe in these sharpe mockes.Look how you butt yourself in these sharp mocks.LLL V.ii.251
Will you giue hornes chast Ladie? Do not so.Will you give horns, chaste lady? Do not so.LLL V.ii.252
One word in priuate with you ere I die.One word in private with you ere I die.LLL V.ii.254
The face of an old Roman coine, scarce The face of an old Roman coin, scarceLLL V.ii.610
seene.seen.LLL V.ii.611
His legge is too big for Hector.His leg is too big for Hector's.LLL V.ii.637
Stucke with Cloues.Stuck with cloves.LLL V.ii.646
That Cullambine.That columbine!LLL V.ii.653.3
I must rather giue it the reine: for it runnesI must rather give it the rein, for it runsLLL V.ii.655
against Hector.against Hector.LLL V.ii.656
So did our lookes.So did our looks.LLL V.ii.781.1
What saies Maria?What says Maria?LLL V.ii.822.1
Ile stay with patience: but the time is long.I'll stay with patience, but the time is long.LLL V.ii.824