Original textModern textKey line
The yong Dumaine, a well accomplisht youth,The young Dumaine, a well-accomplished youth,LLL II.i.56
Of all that Vertue loue, for Vertue loued.Of all that virtue love for virtue loved;LLL II.i.57
Most power to doe most harme, least knowing ill:Most power to do most harm, least knowing ill,LLL II.i.58
For he hath wit to make an ill shape good,For he hath wit to make an ill shape good,LLL II.i.59
And shape to win grace though she had no wit.And shape to win grace though he had no wit.LLL II.i.60
I saw him at the Duke Alansoes once,I saw him at the Duke Alençon's once;LLL II.i.61
And much too little of that good I saw,And much too little of that good I sawLLL II.i.62
Is my report to his great worthinesse.Is my report to his great worthiness.LLL II.i.63
He is Cupids Grandfather, and learnes news of him.He is Cupid's grandfather, and learns news of him.LLL II.i.241
I, and a shrewd vnhappy gallowes too.Ay, and a shrewd unhappy gallows too.LLL V.ii.12
He made her melancholy, sad, and heauy,He made her melancholy, sad, and heavy;LLL V.ii.14
and so she died: had she beene Light like you,And so she died. Had she been light, like you,LLL V.ii.15
of such a merrie nimble stirring spirit, Of such a merry, nimble, stirring spirit,LLL V.ii.16
she might a bin a Grandam ere she died.She might ha' been a grandam ere she died.LLL V.ii.17
And so may you: For a light heart liues long.And so may you, for a light heart lives long.LLL V.ii.18
A light condition in a beauty darke.A light condition in a beauty dark.LLL V.ii.20
You'll marre the light by taking it in snuffe:You'll mar the light by taking it in snuff;LLL V.ii.22
Therefore Ile darkely end the argument.Therefore, I'll darkly end the argument.LLL V.ii.23
So do not you, for you are a light Wench.So do not you, for you are a light wench.LLL V.ii.25
You waigh me not, O that's you care not for me.You weigh me not? O, that's you care not for me!LLL V.ii.27
Faire as a text B. in a Coppie booke.Fair as a text B in a copy-book.LLL V.ii.42
Madame, this Gloue.Madam, this glove.LLL V.ii.48.1
Yes Madame: and moreouer,Yes, madam; and, moreover,LLL V.ii.49
Some thousand Verses of a faithfull Louer.Some thousand verses of a faithful lover;LLL V.ii.50
A huge translation of hypocrisie,A huge translation of hypocrisy,LLL V.ii.51
Vildly compiled, profound simplicitie.Vilely compiled, profound simplicity.LLL V.ii.52
But in this changing, What is your intent?But in this changing what is your intent?LLL V.ii.137
What, was your vizard made without a tong?What, was your visor made without a tongue?LLL V.ii.242
O for your reason, quickly sir, I long.O for your reason! Quickly, sir; I long.LLL V.ii.244
Veale quoth the Dutch-man: is not Veale a Calfe?‘ Veal ’, quoth the Dutchman. Is not ‘ veal ’ a calf?LLL V.ii.247
No, a faire Lord Calfe.No, a fair lord calf.LLL V.ii.248.2
No, Ile not be your halfe:No, I'll not be your half.LLL V.ii.249.2
Take all and weane it, it may proue an Oxe.Take all and wean it; it may prove an ox.LLL V.ii.250
Then die a Calfe before your horns do grow.Then die a calf before your horns do grow.LLL V.ii.253
Bleat softly then, the Butcher heares you cry.Bleat softly then. The butcher hears you cry.LLL V.ii.255
Lord Longauill said I came ore his hart:Lord Longaville said I came o'er his heart;LLL V.ii.278
And trow you what he call'd me?And trow you what he called me?LLL V.ii.279.1
Yes in good faith.Yes, in good faith.LLL V.ii.280.1
And Longauill was for my seruice borne.And Longaville was for my service born.LLL V.ii.284
a beard, faire health, and honestie,A beard, fair health, and honesty;LLL V.ii.813.2
With three-fold loue, I wish you all these three.With threefold love I wish you all these three.LLL V.ii.814
Not so my Lord, a tweluemonth and a day,Not so, my lord. A twelvemonth and a dayLLL V.ii.816
Ile marke no words that smoothfac'd wooers say.I'll mark no words that smooth-faced wooers say.LLL V.ii.817
Come when the King doth to my Ladie come:Come when the King doth to my lady come;LLL V.ii.818
Then if I haue much loue, Ile giue you some.Then, if I have much love, I'll give you some.LLL V.ii.819
Yet sweare not, least ye be forsworne agen.Yet swear not, lest ye be forsworn again.LLL V.ii.821