Original textModern textKey line
Man.Man.LLL I.ii.128
That's here by.That's hereby.LLL I.ii.130
Lord how wise you are!Lord, how wise you are!LLL I.ii.132
With what face?With that face?LLL I.ii.134
So I heard you say.So I heard you say.LLL I.ii.136
Faire weather after you.Fair weather after you.LLL I.ii.138
God giue you good morrow M. Person.God give you good morrow, Master Parson.LLL IV.ii.81
Good Master Parson be so good as reade meeGood Master Parson, be so good as read meLLL IV.ii.89
this Letter, it was giuen mee by Costard, and sent meethis letter. It was given me by Costard, and sent meLLL IV.ii.90
from Don Armatho: I beseech you reade it.from Don Armado. I beseech you, read it.LLL IV.ii.91
I sir from one mounsier Berowne, oneAy, sir, from one Monsieur Berowne, oneLLL IV.ii.128
of the strange Queenes Lords.of the strange Queen's lords.LLL IV.ii.129
Good Costard go with me: / Sir God saueGood Costard, go with me. Sir, God saveLLL IV.ii.142
your life.your life.LLL IV.ii.143
God blesse the King.God bless the King!LLL IV.iii.187.1
I beseech your Grace let this Letter be read,I beseech your grace let this letter be read.LLL IV.iii.191
Our person mis-doubts it: it was treason he said.Our parson misdoubts it; 'twas treason, he said.LLL IV.iii.192
Of Costard.Of Costard.LLL IV.iii.195