Original textModern textKey line
We did my Lord, weeping and commentingWe did, my lord, weeping and commentingAYL II.i.65
Vpon the sobbing Deere.Upon the sobbing deer.AYL II.i.66.1
Altogether heere.ALL TOGETHER 
Who doth ambition shunne,Who doth ambition shun,AYL II.v.35
and loues to liue i'th Sunne:And loves to live i'th' sun,AYL II.v.36
Seeking the food he eates,Seeking the food he eats,AYL II.v.37
and pleas'd with what he gets:And pleased with what he gets:AYL II.v.38
Come hither, come hither, come hither,Come hither, come hither, come hither.AYL II.v.39
Heere shall he see.&c.Here shall he seeAYL II.v.40
No enemyAYL II.v.41
But winter and rough weather.AYL II.v.42
Musicke, Song.SONGAYL IV.ii.9b
What shall he haue that kild the Deare?What shall he have that killed the deer?AYL IV.ii.10
His Leather skin, and hornes to weare:His leather skin and horns to wear.AYL IV.ii.11
Then sing him home, the rest shall beare Then sing him home, the rest shall bearAYL IV.ii.12
this burthen;This burden.AYL IV.ii.13
Take thou no scorne to weare the horne,Take thou no scorn to wear the horn,AYL IV.ii.14
It was a crest ere thou wast borne,It was a crest ere thou wast born,AYL IV.ii.15
Thy fathers father wore it,Thy father's father wore it,AYL IV.ii.16
And thy father bore it,And thy father bore it,AYL IV.ii.17
The horne, the horne, the lusty horne,The horn, the horn, the lusty horn,AYL IV.ii.18
Is not a thing to laugh to scorne. Is not a thing to laugh to scorn.AYL IV.ii.19

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