Original textModern textKey line
Then is there mirth in heauen,Then is there mirth in heaven,AYL V.iv.105
When earthly things made eauenWhen earthly things, made even,AYL V.iv.106
attone together,Atone together.AYL V.iv.107
Good Duke receiue thy daughter,Good Duke, receive thy daughter,AYL V.iv.108
Hymen from Heauen brought her,Hymen from heaven brought her,AYL V.iv.109
Yea brought her hether,Yea, brought her hitherAYL V.iv.110
That thou mightst ioyne his hand with his,That thou mightst join her hand with hisAYL V.iv.111
Whose heart within his bosome is.Whose heart within her bosom is.AYL V.iv.112
Peace hoa: I barre confusion,Peace, ho! I bar confusion.AYL V.iv.122
'Tis I must make conclusion'Tis I must make conclusionAYL V.iv.123
Of these most strange euents:Of these most strange events.AYL V.iv.124
Here's eight that must take hands,Here's eight that must take hands,AYL V.iv.125
To ioyne in Hymens bands,To join in Hymen's bands,AYL V.iv.126
If truth holds true contents.If truth holds true contents.AYL V.iv.127
You and you, no crosse shall part;You and you no cross shall part;AYL V.iv.128
You and you, are hart in hart:You and you are heart in heart;AYL V.iv.129
You, to his loue must accord,You to his love must accord,AYL V.iv.130
Or haue a Woman to your Lord.Or have a woman to your lord;AYL V.iv.131
You and you, are sure together,You and you are sure together,AYL V.iv.132
As the Winter to fowle Weather:As the winter to foul weather.AYL V.iv.133
Whiles a Wedlocke Hymne we sing,Whiles a wedlock-hymn we sing,AYL V.iv.134
Feede your selues with questioning:Feed yourselves with questioning,AYL V.iv.135
That reason, wonder may diminishThat reason wonder may diminishAYL V.iv.136
How thus we met, and these things finish.How thus we met, and these things finish.AYL V.iv.137
Song.SONGAYL V.iv.137a
Wedding is great Iunos crowne,Wedding is great Juno's crown,AYL V.iv.138
O blessed bond of boord and bed:O blessed bond of board and bed;AYL V.iv.139
'Tis Hymen peoples euerie towne,'Tis Hymen peoples every town,AYL V.iv.140
High wedlock then be honored:High wedlock then be honoured;AYL V.iv.141
Honor, high honor and renowneHonour, high honour and renownAYL V.iv.142
To Hymen, God of euerie Towne.To Hymen, god of every town!AYL V.iv.143

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