Original textModern textKey line
My Lord, my Lord, the French haue gather'd head.My lord, my lord, the French have gathered head.1H6 I.iv.100
The Dolphin, with one Ioane de Puzel ioyn'd,The Dauphin, with one Joan la Pucelle joined,1H6 I.iv.101
A holy Prophetesse, new risen vp,A holy prophetess new risen up,1H6 I.iv.102
Is come with a great Power, to rayse the Siege.Is come with a great power to raise the siege.1H6 I.iv.103
All hayle, my Lords: which of this Princely trayneAll hail, my lords! Which of this princely train1H6 II.ii.34
Call ye the Warlike Talbot, for his ActsCall ye the warlike Talbot, for his acts1H6 II.ii.35
So much applauded through the Realme of France?So much applauded through the realm of France?1H6 II.ii.36
The vertuous Lady, Countesse of Ouergne,The virtuous lady, Countess of Auvergne,1H6 II.ii.38
With modestie admiring thy Renowne,With modesty admiring thy renown,1H6 II.ii.39
By me entreats (great Lord) thou would'st vouchsafeBy me entreats, great lord, thou wouldst vouchsafe1H6 II.ii.40
To visit her poore Castle where she lyes,To visit her poor castle where she lies,1H6 II.ii.41
That she may boast she hath beheld the man,That she may boast she hath beheld the man1H6 II.ii.42
Whose glory fills the World with lowd report.Whose glory fills the world with loud report.1H6 II.ii.43
Madame, according as your Ladyship desir'd,Madam, according as your ladyship desired,1H6 II.iii.11
By Message crau'd, so is Lord Talbot come.By message craved, so is Lord Talbot come.1H6 II.iii.12
Madame, it is.Madam, it is.1H6 II.iii.14.1
Stay my Lord Talbot, for my Lady craues,Stay, my Lord Talbot; for my lady craves1H6 II.iii.28
To know the cause of your abrupt departure?To know the cause of your abrupt departure.1H6 II.iii.29
They are return'd my Lord, and giue it out,They are returned, my lord, and give it out1H6 IV.iii.3
That he is march'd to Burdeaux with his powerThat he is marched to Bordeaux with his power1H6 IV.iii.4
To fight with Talbot as he march'd along.To fight with Talbot; as he marched along,1H6 IV.iii.5
By your espyals were discoueredBy your espials were discovered1H6 IV.iii.6
Two mightier Troopes then that the Dolphin led,Two mightier troops than that the Dauphin led,1H6 IV.iii.7
Which ioyn'd with him, and made their march for BurdeauxWhich joined with him and made their march for Bordeaux.1H6 IV.iii.8