Original textModern textKey line
Traitors haue neuer other company.Traitors have never other company.1H6 II.i.19
But what's that Puzell whom they tearme so pure?But what's that Pucelle whom they term so pure?1H6 II.i.20
Pray God she proue not masculine ere long:Pray God she prove not masculine ere long,1H6 II.i.22
If vnderneath the Standard of the FrenchIf underneath the standard of the French1H6 II.i.23
She carry Armour, as she hath begun.She carry armour as she hath begun.1H6 II.i.24
And I to this.And I to this.1H6 II.i.33.2
My selfe, as farre as I could well discerne,Myself, as far as I could well discern1H6 II.ii.26
For smoake, and duskie vapours of the night,For smoke and dusky vapours of the night,1H6 II.ii.27
Am sure I scar'd the Dolphin and his Trull,Am sure I scared the Dauphin and his trull,1H6 II.ii.28
When Arme in Arme they both came swiftly running,When arm in arm they both came swiftly running,1H6 II.ii.29
Like to a payre of louing Turtle-Doues,Like to a pair of loving turtle-doves1H6 II.ii.30
That could not liue asunder day or night.That could not live asunder day or night.1H6 II.ii.31
After that things are set in order here,After that things are set in order here,1H6 II.ii.32
Wee'le follow them with all the power we haue.We'll follow them with all the power we have.1H6 II.ii.33
Is it euen so? Nay, then I see our WarresIs it even so? Nay, then I see our wars1H6 II.ii.44
Will turne vnto a peacefull Comick sport,Will turn unto a peaceful comic sport,1H6 II.ii.45
When Ladyes craue to be encountred with.When ladies crave to be encountered with.1H6 II.ii.46
You may not (my Lord) despise her gentle suit.You may not, my lord, despise her gentle suit.1H6 II.ii.47
Scoffe on vile Fiend, and shamelesse Curtizan,Scoff on, vile fiend and shameless courtesan!1H6 III.ii.45
I trust ere long to choake thee with thine owne,I trust ere long to choke thee with thine own,1H6 III.ii.46
And make thee curse the Haruest of that Corne.And make thee curse the harvest of that corn.1H6 III.ii.47
My Vowes are equall partners with thy Vowes.My vows are equal partners with thy vows.1H6 III.ii.85
Couragious Bedford, let vs now perswade you.Courageous Bedford, let us now persuade you.1H6 III.ii.93
Warlike and Martiall Talbot, BurgonieWarlike and martial Talbot, Burgundy1H6 III.ii.118
Inshrines thee in his heart, and there erectsEnshrines thee in his heart and there erects1H6 III.ii.119
Thy noble Deeds, as Valors Monuments.Thy noble deeds as valour's monuments.1H6 III.ii.120
What wills Lord Talbot, pleaseth Burgonie.What wills Lord Talbot pleaseth Burgundy.1H6 III.ii.130
Who craues a Parley with the Burgonie?Who craves a parley with the Burgundy?1H6 III.iii.37
What say'st thou Charles? for I am marching hence.What sayest thou, Charles? for I am marching hence.1H6 III.iii.39
Speake on,but be not ouer-tedious.Speak on; but be not over-tedious.1H6 III.iii.43
Either she hath bewitcht me with her words,Either she hath bewitched me with her words,1H6 III.iii.58
Or Nature makes me suddenly relent.Or nature makes me suddenly relent.1H6 III.iii.59
I am vanquished: These haughtie wordes of hersI am vanquished. These haughty words of hers1H6 III.iii.78
Haue batt'red me like roaring Cannon-shot,Have battered me like roaring cannon-shot1H6 III.iii.79
And made me almost yeeld vpon my knees.And made me almost yield upon my knees.1H6 III.iii.80
Forgiue me Countrey, and sweet Countreymen:(to them) Forgive me, country, and sweet countrymen!1H6 III.iii.81
And Lords accept this heartie kind embrace.And, lords, accept this hearty kind embrace.1H6 III.iii.82
My Forces and my Power of Men are yours.My forces and my power of men are yours.1H6 III.iii.83
So farwell Talbot, Ile no longer trust thee.So farewell, Talbot; I'll no longer trust thee.1H6 III.iii.84
Doubtlesse he would haue made a noble Knight:Doubtless he would have made a noble knight.1H6 IV.vii.44
See where he lyes inherced in the armesSee where he lies inhearsed in the arms1H6 IV.vii.45
Of the most bloody Nursser of his harmes.Of the most bloody nurser of his harms.1H6 IV.vii.46
Now he is gone my Lord, you neede not feare.Now he is gone, my lord, you need not fear.1H6 V.ii.17