Original textModern textKey line
This is Illyria Ladie.This is Illyria, lady.TN I.ii.2
It is perchance that you your selfe were saued.It is perchance that you yourself were saved.TN I.ii.6
True Madam, and to comfort you with chance,True, madam, and to comfort you with chance,TN I.ii.8
Assure your selfe, after our ship did split,Assure yourself, after our ship did split,TN I.ii.9
When you, and those poore number saued with you,When you and those poor number saved with youTN I.ii.10
Hung on our driuing boate: I saw your brotherHung on our driving boat, I saw your brother,TN I.ii.11
Most prouident in perill, binde himselfe,Most provident in peril, bind himself – TN I.ii.12
(Courage and hope both teaching him the practise)Courage and hope both teaching him the practice – TN I.ii.13
To a strong Maste, that liu'd vpon the sea:To a strong mast, that lived upon the sea;TN I.ii.14
Where like Orion on the Dolphines backe,Where, like Arion on the dolphin's back,TN I.ii.15
I saw him hold acquaintance with the waues,I saw him hold acquaintance with the wavesTN I.ii.16
So long as I could see.So long as I could see.TN I.ii.17
I Madam well, for I was bred and borneAy, madam, well, for I was bred and bornTN I.ii.22
Not three houres trauaile from this very place: Not three hours' travel from this very place.TN I.ii.23
A noble Duke in nature, as in name.A noble Duke, in nature as in name.TN I.ii.25
Orsino.Orsino.TN I.ii.27
And so is now, or was so very late:And so is now, or was so, very late;TN I.ii.30
For but a month ago I went from hence,For but a month ago I went from hence,TN I.ii.31
And then 'twas fresh in murmure (as you knowAnd then 'twas fresh in murmur – as you know,TN I.ii.32
What great ones do, the lesse will prattle of,)What great ones do, the less will prattle of – TN I.ii.33
That he did seeke the loue of faire Oliuia.That he did seek the love of fair Olivia.TN I.ii.34
A vertuous maid, the daughter of a CountA virtuous maid, the daughter of a countTN I.ii.36
That dide some tweluemonth since, then leauing herThat died some twelvemonth since, then leaving herTN I.ii.37
In the protection of his sonne, her brother,In the protection of his son, her brother,TN I.ii.38
Who shortly also dide: for whose deere loueWho shortly also died; for whose dear love,TN I.ii.39
(They say) she hath abiur'd the sightThey say, she hath abjured the sightTN I.ii.40
And company of men.And company of men.TN I.ii.41
That were hard to compasse,That were hard to compass,TN I.ii.45.2
Because she will admit no kinde of suite,Because she will admit no kind of suit,TN I.ii.46
No, not the Dukes.No, not the Duke's.TN I.ii.47
Be you his Eunuch, and your Mute Ile bee,Be you his eunuch, and your mute I'll be.TN I.ii.63
When my tongue blabs, then let mine eyes not see.When my tongue blabs, then let mine eyes not see.TN I.ii.64