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Good grandsire leaue these bitter deepe laments,Good grandsire, leave these bitter deep laments;Tit III.ii.46
Make my Aunt merry, with some pleasing tale.Make my aunt merry with some pleasing tale.Tit III.ii.47
Helpe Grandsier helpe, my Aunt Lauinia,Help, grandsire, help! My aunt LaviniaTit IV.i.1
Followes me euerywhere I know not why.Follows me everywhere, I know not why.Tit IV.i.2
Good Vncle Marcus see how swift she comes,Good uncle Marcus, see how swift she comes.Tit IV.i.3
Alas sweet Aunt, I know not what you meane.Alas, sweet aunt, I know not what you mean.Tit IV.i.4
I when my father was in Rome she did.Ay, when my father was in Rome she did.Tit IV.i.7
My Lord I know not I, nor can I gesse,My lord, I know not, I, nor can I guess,Tit IV.i.16
Vnlesse some fit or frenzie do possesse her:Unless some fit or frenzy do possess her;Tit IV.i.17
For I haue heard my Grandsier say full oft,For I have heard my grandsire say full oftTit IV.i.18
Extremitie of griefes would make men mad.Extremity of griefs would make men mad,Tit IV.i.19
And I haue read that Hecuba of Troy,And I have read that Hecuba of TroyTit IV.i.20
Ran mad through sorrow, that made me to feare,Ran mad for sorrow. That made me to fear,Tit IV.i.21
Although my Lord, I know my noble Aunt,Although, my lord, I know my noble auntTit IV.i.22
Loues me as deare as ere my mother did,Loves me as dear as e'er my mother did,Tit IV.i.23
And would not but in fury fright my youth,And would not but in fury fright my youth,Tit IV.i.24
Which made me downe to throw my bookes, and flieWhich made me down to throw my books and fly,Tit IV.i.25
Causles perhaps, but pardon me sweet Aunt,Causeless perhaps. But pardon me, sweet aunt,Tit IV.i.26
And Madam, if my Vncle Marcus goe,And, madam, if my uncle Marcus go,Tit IV.i.27
I will most willingly attend your Ladyship.I will most willingly attend your ladyship.Tit IV.i.28
Grandsier 'tis Ouids Metamorphosis,Grandsire, 'tis Ovid's Metamorphoses;Tit IV.i.42
My mother gaue it me.My mother gave it me.Tit IV.i.43.1
I say my Lord, that if I were a man,I say, my lord, that if I were a manTit IV.i.106
Their mothers bed-chamber should not be safe,Their mother's bedchamber should not be safeTit IV.i.107
For these bad bond-men to the yoake of Rome.For these base bondmen to the yoke of Rome.Tit IV.i.108
And Vncle so will I, and if I liue.And, uncle, so will I, and if I live.Tit IV.i.111
I with my dagger in their bosomes Grandsire:Ay, with my dagger in their bosoms, grandsire.Tit IV.i.117
My Lords, with all the humblenesse I may,My lords, with all the humbleness I may,Tit IV.ii.4
I greete your honours from Andronicus,I greet your honours from Andronicus – Tit IV.ii.5
And pray the Romane Gods confound you both.(Aside) And pray the Roman gods confound you both.Tit IV.ii.6
That you are both deciphered, that's the news,Tit IV.ii.8
For villanie's markt with rape. May it please you,For villains marked with rape. (To all) May it please you,Tit IV.ii.9
My Grandsire well aduis'd hath sent by me,My grandsire, well advised, hath sent by meTit IV.ii.10
The goodliest weapons of his Armorie,The goodliest weapons of his armouryTit IV.ii.11
To gratifie your honourable youth,To gratify your honourable youth,Tit IV.ii.12
The hope of Rome, for so he bad me say:The hope of Rome, for so he bid me say.Tit IV.ii.13
And so I do and with his gifts presentAnd so I do, and with his gifts presentTit IV.ii.14
Your Lordships, wheneuer you haue need,Your lordships, that, whenever you have need,Tit IV.ii.15
You may be armed and appointed well,You may be armed and appointed well.Tit IV.ii.16
And so I leaue you both: like bloody villaines.And so I leave you both – (aside) like bloody villains.Tit IV.ii.17
O Grandsire, Grandsire: euen with all my heartO grandsire, grandsire, ev'n with all my heartTit V.iii.171
Would I were Dead, so you did Liue againe.Would I were dead, so you did live again!Tit V.iii.172
O Lord, I cannot speake to him for weeping,O Lord, I cannot speak to him for weeping;Tit V.iii.173
My teares will choake me, if I ope my mouth.My tears will choke me if I ope my mouth.Tit V.iii.174