Original textModern textKey line
Please you my Lord, that honourablePlease you, my lord, that honourableTim I.ii.185
Gentleman Lord Lucullus, entreats your companiegentleman Lord Lucullus entreats your companyTim I.ii.186
to morrow, to hunt with him, and ha's sent your Honourtomorrow to hunt with him, and has sent your honourTim I.ii.187
two brace of Grey-hounds.two brace of greyhounds.Tim I.ii.188
My Lord,My lord,Tim III.iii.5.2
They haue all bin touch'd, and found Base-Mettle,They have all been touched and found base metal,Tim III.iii.6
For they haue all denied him.For they have all denied him.Tim III.iii.7
Excellent: Your Lordships a goodly Villain: theExcellent! Your lordship's a goodly villain. TheTim III.iii.28
diuell knew not what he did, when hee made man Politicke;devil knew not what he did when he made man politic – Tim III.iii.29
he crossed himselfe by't: and I cannot thinke, but in thehe crossed himself by't. And I cannot think but in theTim III.iii.30
end, the Villanies of man will set him cleere. How fairelyend the villainies of man will set him clear. How fairlyTim III.iii.31
this Lord striues to appeare foule? Takes Vertuous Copies tothis lord strives to appear foul! Takes virtuous copies toTim III.iii.32
be wicked: like those, that vnder hotte ardent zeale, would be wicked, like those that under hot ardent zeal wouldTim III.iii.33
set whole Realmes on fire,set whole realms on fire.Tim III.iii.34
of such a nature is his politike loue.Of such a nature is his politic love.Tim III.iii.35
This was my Lords best hope, now all are fledThis was my lord's best hope. Now all are fled,Tim III.iii.36
Saue onely the Gods. Now his Friends are dead,Save only the gods. Now his friends are dead,Tim III.iii.37
Doores that were ne're acquainted with their WardsDoors that were ne'er acquainted with their wardsTim III.iii.38
Many a bounteous yeere, must be imploy'dMany a bounteous year must be employedTim III.iii.39
Now to guard sure their Master:Now to guard sure their master.Tim III.iii.40
And this is all a liberall course allowes,And this is all a liberal course allows:Tim III.iii.41
Who cannot keepe his wealth, must keep his house. Who cannot keep his wealth must keep his house.Tim III.iii.42
Yet do our hearts weare Timons Liuery,Yet do our hearts wear Timon's livery;Tim IV.ii.17
That see I by our Faces: we are Fellowes still,That see I by our faces. We are fellows still,Tim IV.ii.18
Seruing alike in sorrow: Leak'd is our Barke,Serving alike in sorrow. Leaked is our bark,Tim IV.ii.19
And we poore Mates, stand on the dying Decke,And we, poor mates, stand on the dying deck,Tim IV.ii.20
Hearing the Surges threat: we must all partHearing the surges threat. We must all partTim IV.ii.21
Into this Sea of Ayre.Into this sea of air.Tim IV.ii.22.1