Original textModern textKey line
What say you Maister?What say you, master?Per II.i.15
Fayth Maister, I am thinking of theFaith, master, I am thinking of thePer II.i.18
poore men, / That were cast away before vs euen now.poor men that were cast away before us even now.Per II.i.19
Nay Maister, sayd not I as much,Nay, master, said not I as muchPer II.i.23
When I saw the Porpas how he bounst and tumbled?when I saw the porpoise how he bounced and tumbled?Per II.i.24
They say they're halfe fish, halfe flesh: / A plague on them,They say they're half fish, half flesh. A plague on them,Per II.i.25
they nere come but I looke to be washt. / Maister, Ithey ne'er come but I look to be washed. Master, IPer II.i.26
maruell how the Fishes liue in the Sea?marvel how the fishes live in the sea?Per II.i.27
But Maister, if I had been theBut, master, if I had been thePer II.i.36
Sexton, I would haue been that day in the belfrie.sexton, I would have been that day in the belfry.Per II.i.37
Because he should haue swallowedBecause he should have swallowedPer II.i.39
mee too, / And when I had been in his belly, I would haueme too, and when I had been in his belly I would havePer II.i.40
kept such a iangling of the Belles, / That he should neuerkept such a jangling of the bells that he should neverPer II.i.41
haue left, / Till he cast Belles, Steeple, Church and Parish vp have left till he cast bells, steeple, church, and parish upPer II.i.42
againe: / But if the good King Simonides were of myagain. But if the good King Simonides were of myPer II.i.43
minde.mind–Per II.i.44
We would purge the land of theseWe would purge the land of thesePer II.i.46
Drones, / That robbe the Bee of her Hony.drones that rob the bee of her honey.Per II.i.47