Original textModern textKey line
Ha, come and bring away the Nets.Ha, come and bring away the nets!Per II.i.13
Why, Man?Why, man?Per II.i.38
Honest good fellow what'sHonest, good fellow? What'sPer II.i.53
that, if it be a day fits you / Search out of the Kalender,that? If it be a day fits you, search out of the calendar,Per II.i.54
and no body looke after it?and nobody look after it.Per II.i.55
What a drunken Knaue was the Sea,What a drunken knave was the seaPer II.i.57
To cast thee in our way?to cast thee in our way!Per II.i.58
Canst thou catch any Fishes then?Canst thou catch any fishes then?Per II.i.66
Nay then thou wilt starue sure:Nay then, thou wilt starve, sure,Per II.i.68
for heer's nothing to be got now-adayes, vnlesse thou canstfor here's nothing to be got nowadays unless thou canstPer II.i.69
fish for' for't.Per II.i.70
Harke you my friend: You sayd youHark you, my friend, you said youPer II.i.85
could not beg?could not beg?Per II.i.86
But craue? Then Ile turne CrauerBut crave? Then I'll turn craverPer II.i.88
too, and so I shall scape whipping.too, and so I shall 'scape whipping.Per II.i.89
Oh not all, my friend, not all: for ifO, not all, my friend, not all, for ifPer II.i.91
all your Beggers were whipt, I would wish no betterall your beggars were whipped, I would wish no betterPer II.i.92
office, then to be Beadle: But Maister, Ile goe draw vp theoffice than to be beadle. But, master, I'll go draw up thePer II.i.93 II.i.94
Helpe Maister helpe; heere's a FishHelp, master, help! Here's a fishPer II.i.117
hanges in the Net, / Like a poore mans right in the law: t'willhangs in the net like a poor man's right in the law; 'twillPer II.i.118
hardly come out. / Ha bots on't, tis come at last; & tishardly come out. Ha, bots on't, 'tis come at last, and 'tisPer II.i.119
turnd to a rusty Armour.turned to a rusty armour.Per II.i.120
I but harke you my friend, t'wasAy, but hark you, my friend, 'twasPer II.i.149
wee that made vp this Garment through the rough seameswe that made up this garment through the rough seamsPer II.i.150
of the Waters: there are certaine Condolements, certaineof the waters. There are certain condolements, certainPer II.i.151
Vailes: I hope sir, if you thriue, you'le remember fromvails. I hope, sir, if you thrive, you'll remember fromPer II.i.152
whence you had them.whence you had them.Per II.i.153
Wee'le sure prouide, thou shaltWe'll sure provide. Thou shaltPer II.i.163
haue / My best Gowne to make thee a paire; / And Ile bringhave my best gown to make thee a pair, and I'll bringPer II.i.164
thee to the Court my selfe.thee to the court myself.Per II.i.165