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Boult.Boult!Per IV.ii.1
Searche the market narrowely, Mettelyne is full ofSearch the market narrowly. Mytilene is full ofPer IV.ii.3
gallants, wee lost too much much money this mart by beeing toogallants. We lost too much money this mart by being tooPer IV.ii.4
wenchlesse.wenchless.Per IV.ii.5
Therefore lets haue fresh ones what ere wee payTherefore let's have fresh ones, whate'er we payPer IV.ii.10
for them, if there bee not a conscience to be vsde in eueriefor them. If there be not a conscience to be used in everyPer IV.ii.11
trade, wee shall neuer, we shall never prosper.Per IV.ii.12
Thou sayest true, ther's two vnwholesome aThou sayst true, there's two unwholesome, o'Per IV.ii.19
conscience, the poore Transiluanian is dead that layeconscience. The poor Transylvanian is dead that layPer IV.ii.20
with the little baggadge.with the little baggage.Per IV.ii.21
Three or foure thousande Checkins were as prettieThree or four thousand chequins were as prettyPer IV.ii.24
a proportion to liue quietly, and so giue ouer.a proportion to live quietly, and so give over.Per IV.ii.25
Oh our credite comes not in like the commoditie,O, our credit comes not in like the commodity,Per IV.ii.28
nor the commoditie wages not with the daunger: thereforenor the commodity wages not with the danger. Therefore,Per IV.ii.29
if in our youthes we could picke vp some prettieif in our youths we could pick up some prettyPer IV.ii.30
estate, t'were not amisse to keepe our doore hatch't,estate, 'twere not amiss to keep our door hatched.Per IV.ii.31
besides the sore tearmes we stand vpon with the gods, wilbeBesides, the sore terms we stand upon with the gods willPer IV.ii.32
strong with vs for giuing strong with us for giving o'er.Per IV.ii.33
As well as wee. I, and better too, wee offendeAs well as we? Ay, and better too; we offendPer IV.ii.35
worse, neither is our profession any trade, It's noworse. Neither is our profession any trade; it's noPer IV.ii.36
calling, but heere comes Boult.calling. But here comes Boult.Per IV.ii.37
Well, follow me my maisters, you shall haueWell, follow me, my masters; you shall havePer IV.ii.49
your money presenly, wife take her in, instruct heryour money presently. Wife, take her in. Instruct herPer IV.ii.50
what she has to doe, that she may not be rawe in herwhat she has to do, that she may not be raw in herPer IV.ii.51
entertainment.entertainment.Per IV.ii.52
Well, I had rather then twice the worth of herWell, I had rather than twice the worth of herPer
shee had nere come heere.she had ne'er come here.Per
Now the poxe vpon her greene sicknes for mee.Now, the pox upon her green-sickness for me!Per