Original textModern textKey line
I will doo't,I will do't –Per IV.i.8.2
but yet she is a goodly creature.But yet she is a goodly creature.Per IV.i.9
I am resolude.I am resolved.Per IV.i.12.2
I warrant you Madam.I warrant you, madam.Per IV.i.47
Southwest.South-west.Per IV.i.51.2
Wast so?Was't so?Per IV.i.52.2
When was this?When was this?Per IV.i.58
Come say your prayers.Come, say your prayers.Per IV.i.66
If you require a little space for praier,If you require a little space for prayer,Per IV.i.68
I graunt it, pray, but bee not tedious, forI grant it. Pray; but be not tedious, forPer IV.i.69
the Gods are quicke of eare, and I am sworneThe gods are quick of ear, and I am swornPer IV.i.70
to do my worke with haste.To do my work with haste.Per IV.i.71.1
To satisfie my Ladie.To satisfy my lady.Per IV.i.72
My CommissionMy commissionPer IV.i.83
is not to reason of the deed, but doo't.Is not to reason of the deed, but do't.Per IV.i.84
I am sworneI am sworn,Per IV.i.91.2
and will dispatch.And will dispatch.Per IV.i.92
These rogueing theeues serue the great Pyrato Valdes,These roguing thieves serve the great pirate Valdes,Per IV.i.97
and they haue seizd Marina, let her goe,And they have seized Marina. Let her go.Per IV.i.98
ther's no hope shee will returne, Ile sweare shees dead,There's no hope she will return. I'll swear she's dead,Per IV.i.99
and throwne into the Sea, but ile see further:And thrown into the sea. But I'll see further.Per IV.i.100
perhappes they will but please themselues vpon her,Perhaps they will but please themselves upon her,Per IV.i.101
not carrie her aboord, if shee remaineNot carry her aboard. If she remain,Per IV.i.102
Whome they haue rauisht, must by mee be slaine.Whom they have ravished must by me be slain.Per IV.i.103