Original textModern textKey line
Good morrow.Good morrow.Per III.ii.10.2
Sir,Sir,Per III.ii.12.2
our lodgings standing bleake vpon the seaOur lodgings, standing bleak upon the sea,Per III.ii.13
Shooke as the earth did quake:Shook as the earth did quake.Per III.ii.14
The very principals did seeme to rendThe very principals did seem to rendPer III.ii.15
and all to topple: / Pure surprize and feare,And all to topple. Pure surprise and fearPer III.ii.16
made me to quite the house.Made me to quit the house.Per III.ii.17
But I much maruaile that your Lordship, / HauingBut I much marvel that your lordship, havingPer III.ii.20
rich tire about you, should at these early howers,Rich tire about you, should at these early hoursPer III.ii.21
Shake off the golden slumber of repose;Shake off the golden slumber of repose.Per III.ii.22
tis most strange'Tis most strangePer III.ii.23
Nature should be so conuersant with Paine,Nature should be so conversant with pain,Per III.ii.24
Being thereto not compelled.Being thereto not compelled.Per III.ii.25.1
Most strange.Most strange!Per III.ii.62
The Heauens, through you, encrease our wonder, / AndThe heavens, through you, increase our wonder, andPer III.ii.95
sets vp your fame for euer.Sets up your fame for ever.Per III.ii.96.1
Most rare.Most rare.Per III.ii.105.2