Original textModern textKey line
Young Prince of Tyre, you haue at large receiuedYoung Prince of Tyre, you have at large receivedPer I.i.1
The danger of the taske you vndertake.The danger of the task you undertake?Per I.i.2
MusickeMusic!Per I.i.6
bring in our daughter, clothed like a bride,Bring in our daughter, clothed like a bridePer I.i.7
For embracements euen of Ioue himselfe;For the embracements even of Jove himself,Per I.i.8
At whose conception, till Lucina rained,At whose conception, till Lucina reigned,Per I.i.9
Nature this dowry gaue; to glad her presence,Nature this dowry gave; to glad her presence,Per I.i.10
The Seanate house of Planets all did sit,The senate house of planets all did sitPer I.i.11
To knit in her, their best perfections.To knit in her their best perfections.Per I.i.12
Prince Pericles.Prince Pericles –Per I.i.26
Before thee standes this faire Hesperides,Before thee stands this fair Hesperides,Per I.i.28
With golden fruite, but dangerous to be toucht:With golden fruit, but dangerous to be touched,Per I.i.29
For Death like Dragons heere affright thee hard:For deathlike dragons here affright thee hard.Per I.i.30
Her face like Heauen, inticeth thee to viewHer face, like heaven, enticeth thee to viewPer I.i.31
Her countlesse glory; which desert must gaine:Her countless glory, which desert must gain;Per I.i.32
And which without desert, because thine eyeAnd which without desert because thine eyePer I.i.33
Presumes to reach, all the whole heape must die:Presumes to reach, all the whole heap must die.Per I.i.34
Yon sometimes famous Princes, like thy selfe,Yon sometimes famous princes, like thyself,Per I.i.35
Drawne by report, aduentrous by desire,Drawn by report, adventurous by desire,Per I.i.36
Tell thee with speachlesse tongues, and semblance pale,Tell thee with speechless tongues and semblance palePer I.i.37
That without couering, saue yon field of Starres,That without covering, save yon field of stars,Per I.i.38
Heere they stand Martyrs slaine in Cupids Warres:Here they stand martyrs slain in Cupid's wars;Per I.i.39
And with dead cheekes, aduise thee to desist,And with dead cheeks advise thee to desistPer I.i.40
For going on deaths net, whom none resist.For going on death's net, whom none resist.Per I.i.41
Scorning aduice; read the conclusion then:Scorning advice, read the conclusion then,Per I.i.57
Which read and not expounded, tis decreed,Which read and not expounded, 'tis decreed,Per I.i.58
As these before thee, thou thy selfe shalt bleed.As these before thee, thou thyself shalt bleed.Per I.i.59
Prince Pericles, touch not, vpon thy life;Prince Pericles, touch not, upon thy life,Per I.i.88
For that's an Article within our Law,For that's an article within our lawPer I.i.89
As dangerous as the rest: your time's expir'd,As dangerous as the rest. Your time's expired;Per I.i.90
Either expound now, or receiue your sentence.Either expound now or receive your sentence.Per I.i.91
Heauen, that I had thy head; he ha's found the mea-ning:Heaven, that I had thy head! He has found the meaning.Per I.i.110
But I will gloze with him. Young Prince of Tyre,But I will gloze with him. – Young Prince of Tyre,Per I.i.111
Though by the tenour of your strict edict,Though by the tenor of our strict edict,Per I.i.112
Your exposition misinterpreting,Your exposition misinterpreting,Per I.i.113
We might proceed to counsell of your dayes;We might proceed to cancel of your days,Per I.i.114
Yet hope, succeeding from so faire a treeYet hope, succeeding from so fair a treePer I.i.115
As your faire selfe, doth tune vs otherwise;As your fair self, doth tune us otherwise.Per I.i.116
Fourtie dayes longer we doe respite you,Forty days longer we do respite you,Per I.i.117
If by which time, our secret be vndone,If by which time our secret be undone,Per I.i.118
This mercy shewes, wee'le ioy in such a Sonne:This mercy shows we'll joy in such a son.Per I.i.119
And vntill then, your entertaine shall beeAnd until then your entertain shall bePer I.i.120
As doth befit our honour and your worth.As doth befit our honour and your worth.Per I.i.121
He hath found the meaning.He hath found the meaning,Per I.i.144
For which we meane to haue his head:For which we mean to have his head.Per I.i.145
He must not liue to trumpet foorth my infamie,He must not live to trumpet forth my infamy,Per I.i.146
Nor tell the world Antiochus doth sinneNor tell the world Antiochus doth sinPer I.i.147
In such a loathed manner:In such a loathed manner.Per I.i.148
And therefore instantly this Prince must die,And therefore instantly this prince must die,Per I.i.149
For by his fall, my honour must keepe hie.For by his fall my honour must keep high.Per I.i.150
Who attends vs there?Who attends us there?Per I.i.151.1
Thaliard, you are of our Chamber, Thaliard,Thaliard, you are of our chamber, Thaliard,Per I.i.152
And our minde pertakes her priuat actions,And our mind partakes her private actionsPer I.i.153
To your secrecie; and for your faythfulnes,To your secrecy; and for your faithfulnessPer I.i.154
We will aduaunce you, Thaliard:We will advance you, Thaliard.Per I.i.155
Behold, heere's Poyson, and heere's Gold:Behold, here's poison, and here's gold.Per I.i.156
Wee hate the Prince of Tyre, and thou must kill him;We hate the Prince of Tyre, and thou must kill him.Per I.i.157
It fittes thee not to aske the reason why?It fits thee not to ask the reason why,Per I.i.158
Because we bid it: say, is it done?Because we bid it. Say, is it done?Per I.i.159
Enough.Enough.Per I.i.160.2
Let your breath coole your selfe, telling your haste.Let your breath cool yourself, telling your haste.Per I.i.161
As thou wilt liue flie after, and like an arrowAs thou wilt live, fly after, and like an arrowPer I.i.163
shot from a well experienst Archer hits the marke hisshot from a well-experienced archer hits the mark hisPer I.i.164
eye doth leuell at: so thou neuer returne vnlesse thou sayeye doth level at, so thou never return unless thou sayPer I.i.165
Prince Pericles is dead.‘ Prince Pericles is dead.’Per I.i.166
Thaliard adieu,Thaliard, adieu.Per I.i.170.1
till Pericles be dead,Till Pericles be dead,Per I.i.170.2
My heart can lend no succour to my head.My heart can lend no succour to my head.Per I.i.171