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I will my Lord, but I must speake with him.I will, my lord; but I must speak with him.E3 IV.i.34
To that condition I agree my Lord,To that condition I agree, my lord,E3 IV.i.40
And will vnfaynedly performe the same.And will unfeignedly perform the same.E3 IV.i.41
Not for his sake my gratious Lord so much,Not for his sake, my gracious lord, so muchE3 IV.iii.3
Am I become an earnest aduocate,Am I become an earnest advocate,E3 IV.iii.4
As that thereby my ransome will be quit,As that thereby my ransom will be quit.E3 IV.iii.5
No good my Lord except the same be iust,No, good my lord, except the same be just;E3 IV.iii.10
For profit must with honor be comixt,For profit must with honour be commixed,E3 IV.iii.11
Or else our actions are but scandalous:Or else our actions are but scandalous.E3 IV.iii.12
But letting passe these intricate obiections,But, letting pass their intricate objections,E3 IV.iii.13
Wilt please your highnes to subscribe or no?Will't please your highness to subscribe, or no?E3 IV.iii.14
Why then I know the extremitie my Loid,Why, then I know the extremity, my lord:E3 IV.iii.18
I must returne to prison whence I came,I must return to prison whence I came.E3 IV.iii.19
Ah but itis mine othe my gratious Lord,Ah, but it is mine oath, my gracious lord,E3 IV.iii.26
Which I in conscience may not violate,Which I in conscience may not violate,E3 IV.iii.27
Or else a kingdome should not draw me hence.Or else a kingdom should not draw me hence.E3 IV.iii.28
In all things that vprightly he commands:In all things that uprightly he commands;E3 IV.iii.31
But either to perswade or threaten me,But either to persuade or threaten meE3 IV.iii.32
Not to performe the couenant of my word,Not to perform the covenant of my wordE3 IV.iii.33
Is lawlesse, and I need not to obey.Is lawless, and I need not to obey.E3 IV.iii.34
To kill my Lord when warre is once proclaymd,To kill, my lord, when war is once proclaimed,E3 IV.iii.37
So that our quarrel be for wrongs receaude,So that our quarrel be for wrongs received,E3 IV.iii.38
No doubt is lawfully permitted vs:No doubt is lawfully permitted us;E3 IV.iii.39
But in an othe we must be well aduisd,But in an oath we must be well advisedE3 IV.iii.40
How we do sweare, and when we once haue sworne,How we do swear, and, when we once have sworn,E3 IV.iii.41
Not to infringe it though we die therefore:Not to infringe it, though we die therefore.E3 IV.iii.42
Therefore my Lord, as willing I returne,Therefore, my lord, as willing I returnE3 IV.iii.43
As if I were to flie to paradise.As if I were to fly to paradise.E3 IV.iii.44
I humbly thanke your grace, I must dispatch,I humbly thank your grace. I must dispatchE3 IV.iii.52
And send this pasport first vnto the Earle,And send this passport first unto the earl,E3 IV.iii.53
And then I will attend your highnes pleasure.And then I will attend your highness' pleasure.E3 IV.iii.54

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