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Flie cuntry men and cytizens of France,Fly, countrymen and citizens of France!E3 III.ii.46
Sweete flowring peace the roote of happie life,Sweet flow'ring peace, the root of happy life,E3 III.ii.47
Is quite abandoned and expulst the lande,Is quite abandoned and expulsed the land;E3 III.ii.48
In sted of whome ransackt constraining warre,Instead of whom, ransack-constraining warE3 III.ii.49
Syts like to Rauens vppon your houses topps,Sits like to ravens upon your houses' tops;E3 III.ii.50
Slaughter and mischiefe walke within your streets.Slaughter and mischief walk within your streets,E3 III.ii.51
And vnrestrained make hauock as they passe,And unrestrained make havoc as they pass,E3 III.ii.52
The forme whereof euen now my selfe beheld,The form whereof even now myself beheldE3 III.ii.53
Vpon this faire mountaine whence I came,Upon this fair mountain whence I came.E3 III.ii.54
For so far of as I directed mine eies,For so far off as I direct'd mine eyes,E3 III.ii.55
I might perceaue fiue Cities all on fire,I might perceive five cities all on fire,E3 III.ii.56
Corne fieldes and vineyards burning like an ouen,Cornfields and vineyards burning like an oven;E3 III.ii.57
And as the leaking vapour in the wind,And as the leaking vapour in the windE3 III.ii.58
I tourned but a side I like wise might disserne.Turned but aside, I likewise might discernE3 III.ii.59
The poore inhabitants escapt the flame,The poor inhabitants, escaped the flame,E3 III.ii.60
Fall numberles vpon the souldiers pikes,Fall numberless upon the soldiers' pikes.E3 III.ii.61
Three waies these dredfull ministers of wrath,Three ways these dreadful ministers of wrathE3 III.ii.62
Do tread the measuers of their tragicke march,Do tread the measures of their tragic march:E3 III.ii.63
Vpon the right hand comes the conquering King,Upon the right hand comes the conquering King,E3 III.ii.64
Vpon the lefte is hot vnbridled sonne,Upon the left his hot unbridled son,E3 III.ii.65
And in the midst our nations glittering hoast,And in the midst our nation's glittering host;E3 III.ii.66
All which though distant yet conspire in one,All which, though distant, yet conspire in oneE3 III.ii.67
To leaue a desolation where they come,To leave a desolation where they come.E3 III.ii.68
Flie therefore Citizens if you be wise,Fly therefore, citizens, if you be wise,E3 III.ii.69
Seeke out som habitation further of,Seek out some habitation further off.E3 III.ii.70
Here if you staie your wiues will be abused,Here, if you stay, your wives will be abused,E3 III.ii.71
Your treasure sharde before your weeping eies,Your treasure shared before your weeping eyes.E3 III.ii.72
Shelter you your selues for now the storme doth rise,Shelter yourselves, for now the storm doth rise.E3 III.ii.73
Away, away, me thinks I heare their drums,Away, away! Methinks I hear their drums. – E3 III.ii.74
Ah wreched France, I greatly feare thy fal,Ah, wretched France, I greatly fear thy fall:E3 III.ii.75
Thy glory shaketh like a tottering wall.Thy glory shaketh like a tottering wall.E3 III.ii.76

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