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I say my Lord, clayme Edward what he can,I say, my Lord, claim Edward what he can,E3 III.i.107
And bring he nere so playne a pedegree,And bring he ne'er so plain a pedigree,E3 III.i.108
Tis you are in possession of the Crowne,'Tis you are in the possession of the crown,E3 III.i.109
And thats the surest poynt of all the Law:And that's the surest point of all the law;E3 III.i.110
But were it not, yet ere he should preuaile,But were it not, yet ere he should prevail,E3 III.i.111
Ile make a Conduit of my dearest blood,I'll make a conduit of my dearest blood,E3 III.i.112
Or chase those stragling vpstarts home againe,Or chase those straggling upstarts home again.E3 III.i.113
O Father how this eckoing Cannon shot. Shot.O father, how this echoing cannon shot,E3 III.i.123
Like sweete hermonie disgests my cates.Like sweet harmony, disgests my cates!E3 III.i.124
Father range your battailes, prate no more,Father, range your battles, prate no more.E3 III.iii.137
These English faine would spend the time in wodrs,These English fain would spend the time in words, E3 III.iii.138
That night approching, they might escape vnfought.That, night approaching, they might escape unfought.E3 III.iii.139
Viue le Roy, God saue King Iohn of France.Vive le roi! God save King John of France!E3 III.iii.165
A flight, a flight.A flight, a flight!E3 IV.v.22
A flight.A flight! E3 IV.v.24
A flight of vgly rauensA flight of ugly ravensE3 IV.v.28.2
Do croke and houer ore our souldiers headsDo croak and hover o'er our soldiers' heads,E3 IV.v.29
And keepe in triangles and cornerd squares,And keep in triangles and cornered squares,E3 IV.v.30
Right as our forces are imbatteled,Right as our forces are embattled.E3 IV.v.31
With their approach there came this sodain fog,With their approach there came this sudden fog,E3 IV.v.32
Which now hath hid the airie flower of heauen,Which now hath hid the airy floor of heavenE3 IV.v.33
And made at noone a night vnnaturall,And made at noon a night unnaturalE3 IV.v.34
Vpon the quaking and dismaied world,Upon the quaking and dismayed world.E3 IV.v.35
In briefe, our souldiers haue let fall their armes,In brief, our soldiers have let fall their armsE3 IV.v.36
and stand like metamorphosd images,And stand like metamorphosed images,E3 IV.v.37
Bloudlesse and pale, one gazing on another.Bloodless and pale, one gazing on another.E3 IV.v.38
Plucke out your eies, and see not this daies shame,Pluck out your eyes and see not this day's shame!E3
An arme hath beate an armie, one poore DauidAn arm hath beat an army; one poor DavidE3
Hath with a stone foild twentie stout Goliahs,Hath with a stone foiled twenty stout Goliaths;E3
Some twentie naked staruelings with small flints,Some twenty naked starvelings with small flintsE3
Hath driuen backe a puisant host of men,Hath driven back a puissant host of menE3
Araid and fenst in al accomplements,Arrayed and fenced in all accomplements.E3
No hope but death to burie vp our shame,No hope but death, to bury up our shame.E3

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