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Thrice noble Audley, well incountred heere,Thrice noble Audley, well encountered here!E3 II.ii.1
How is it with oursoueraigne and his peeres?How is it with our sovereign and his peers?E3 II.ii.2
As good as we desire: the EmperorAs good as we desire: the EmperorE3 II.ii.8
Hath yeelded to his highnes friendly ayd,Hath yielded to his highness friendly aid,E3 II.ii.9
And makes our king leiuetenant generallAnd makes our king lieutenant-generalE3 II.ii.10
In all his lands and large dominions,In all his lands and large dominions.E3 II.ii.11
Then via for the spatious bounds of Fraunce;Then via for the spacious bounds of France!E3 II.ii.12
Ihaue not yet found time to open them,I have not yet found time to open them.E3 II.ii.14
The king is in his closet malcontent,The King is in his closet, malcontent,E3 II.ii.15
For what I know not, but he gaue in charge,For what I know not, but he gave in chargeE3 II.ii.16
Till after dinner, none should interrupt him:Till after dinner none should interrupt him.E3 II.ii.17
The Countesse Salisbury, and her father Warwike,The Countess Salisbury and her father Warwick,E3 II.ii.18
Artoyes, and all looke vnderneath the browes.Artois, and all, look underneath the brows.E3 II.ii.19
The Trumpets sound, the king is now abroad,The trumpets sound; the King is now abroad.E3 II.ii.21
Befall my soueraigne, all my soueraignes wish,Befall my sovereign all my sovereign's wish!E3 II.ii.23
The Emperour greeteth you.The Emperor greeteth you – (presenting letters)E3 II.ii.25.1
And hath accorded to your highnes suite,And hath accorded to your highness' suitE3 II.ii.26
The Countesse minde my liege.The Countess' mind, my liege? E3 II.ii.35
Lets leaue him to his humor. Let's leave him to his humour.E3 II.ii.37.2
Was euer anie of thy fathers house Was ever any of thy father's houseE3 III.iii.131
king, / But thyselfe, before this present time,King, but thyself, before this present time?E3 III.iii.132
Edwards great linage by the mothers side,Edward's great lineage, by the mother's side,E3 III.iii.133
Fiue hundred yeeres hath helde the scepter vp,Five hundred years has held the sceptre up.E3 III.iii.134
Iudge then conspiratours by this descent,Judge then, conspirators, by this descent,E3 III.iii.135
Which is the true borne soueraigne this or that.Which is the true-born sovereign, this, or that.E3 III.iii.136
Edward Plantagenet prince of Wales,Edward Plantagenet, Prince of Wales,E3 III.iii.186
As I do set this helmet on thy head,As I do set this helmet on thy head,E3 III.iii.187
Wherewith the chamber of this braine is fenst,Wherewith the chamber of thy brain is fenced,E3 III.iii.188
So may thy temples with Bellonas hand,So may thy temples, with Bellona's hand,E3 III.iii.189
Be still adornd with lawrell victorie,Be still adorned with laurel victory.E3 III.iii.190
Fight and be valiant, conquer where thou comst.Fight and be valiant, conquer where thou com'st!E3 III.iii.191
The Prince my Lord, the Prince, oh succour him,The Prince, my Lord, the Prince! Oh, succour him!E3 III.iv.32
Hees close incompast with a world of odds.He's close encompassed with a world of odds!E3 III.iv.33
Ah but he shall not liue to see those dayes,Ah, but he shall not live to see those days.E3 III.iv.52
Farewell sweete Prince, the hope of chiualry,Farewell, sweet Prince, the hope of chivalry.E3 III.iv.68
Welcome braue Prince.Welcome, brave Prince!E3 III.iv.75.1
The promised aid that made them stand aloofe,The promised aid that made them stand aloofE3 IV.ii.7
Is now retirde and gone an other way:Is now retired and gone another way:E3 IV.ii.8
It will repent them of their stubborne will,It will repent them of their stubborn will. – E3 IV.ii.9
But what are these poore ragged slaues my Lord?But what are these poor ragged slaves, my lord?E3 IV.ii.10
You wretched patterns of dispayre and woe,You wretched patterns of despair and woe,E3 IV.ii.12
What are you liuing men, er glyding ghosts,What are you, living men or gliding ghosts,E3 IV.ii.13
Crept from your graues to walke vpon the earth,Crept from your graves to walk upon the earth?E3 IV.ii.14
Copland my Lord, and Dauid King of Scots:Copland, my lord, and David, King of Scots.E3 V.i.64

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