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I am my liege a Northen Esquire indeed,I am, my liege, a northern squire indeed,E3 V.i.67
But neither proud nor insolent I trust.But neither proud nor insolent, I trust.E3 V.i.68
No wilfull disobedience mightie Lord,No wilful disobedience, mighty lord,E3 V.i.71
But my desert and publike law at armes.But my desert and public law of arms.E3 V.i.72
I tooke the king my selfe in single fight,I took the king myself in single fight,E3 V.i.73
and like a souldier would be loath to looseAnd, like a soldier, would be loath to loseE3 V.i.74
The least preheminence that I had won.The least pre-eminence that I had won.E3 V.i.75
And Copland straight vpon your highnes charge,And Copland, straight upon your highness' charge,E3 V.i.76
Is come to Fraunce, and with a lowly minde,Is come to France, and with a lowly mindE3 V.i.77
Doth vale the bonnet of his victory:Doth vail the bonnet of his victory.E3 V.i.78
Receiue dread Lorde the custome of my fraught,Receive, dread lord, the custom of my fraught,E3 V.i.79
The wealthie tribute of my laboring hands,The wealthy tribute of my labouring hands,E3 V.i.80
Which should long since haue been surrendred vpWhich should long since have been surrendered up,E3 V.i.81
Had but your gratious selfe bin there in place,Had but your gracious self been there in place.E3 V.i.82
His name I reuerence, but his person more,His name I reverence, but his person more.E3 V.i.85
His name shall keepe me in alleagaunce still,His name shall keep me in allegiance still,E3 V.i.86
But to his person I will bend my knee.But to his person I will bend my knee.E3 V.i.87

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