Original textModern textKey line
He saies my Lord, your Daughters is notHe says, my lord, your daughter is notKL I.iv.49
well.well.KL I.iv.50
Sir,he answered me in the roundest Sir, he answered me in the roundestKL I.iv.53
manner, he would not.manner he would not.KL I.iv.54
My Lord, I know not what the matter is,My lord, I know not what the matter is,KL I.iv.56
but to my iudgement your Highnesse is not entertain'dbut to my judgement your highness is not entertainedKL I.iv.57
with that Ceremonious affection as you were wont,with that ceremonious affection as you were wont.KL I.iv.58
theres a great abatement of kindnesse appeares as wellThere's a great abatement of kindness appears as wellKL I.iv.59
in the generall dependants, as in the Duke himselfe also,in the general dependants as in the Duke himself alsoKL I.iv.60
and your Daughter.and your daughter.KL I.iv.61
I beseech you pardon me my Lord, if II beseech you pardon me, my lord, if IKL I.iv.63
bee mistaken, for my duty cannot be silent, when I thinkebe mistaken; for my duty cannot be silent when I thinkKL I.iv.64
your Highnesse wrong'd.your highness wronged.KL I.iv.65
Since my young Ladies going into Since my young lady's going intoKL I.iv.72
France Sir, the Foole hath much pined away.France, sir, the Fool hath much pined away.KL I.iv.73
Ready my Lord.Ready, my lord.KL I.v.46

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