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This is most strange,This is most strange,KL I.i.213.2
That she whom euen but now, was your obiect,That she whom even but now was your best object,KL I.i.214
The argument of your praise, balme of your age,The argument of your praise, balm of your age,KL I.i.215
The best, the deerest, should in this trice of timeThe best, the dearest, should in this trice of timeKL I.i.216
Commit a thing so monstrous, to dismantleCommit a thing so monstrous to dismantleKL I.i.217
So many folds of fauour: sure her offenceSo many folds of favour. Sure her offenceKL I.i.218
Must be of such vnnaturall degree,Must be of such unnatural degreeKL I.i.219
That monsters it: Or your fore-voucht affectionThat monsters it; or your fore-vouched affectionKL I.i.220
Fall into taint, which to beleeue of herFall into taint; which to believe of herKL I.i.221
Must be a faith that reason without miracleMust be a faith that reason without miracleKL I.i.222
Should neuer plant in me.Could never plant in me.KL I.i.223.1
Is it but this? A tardinesse in nature,Is it but this, a tardiness in natureKL I.i.235
Which often leaues the history vnspokeWhich often leaves the history unspokeKL I.i.236
That it intends to do: my Lord of Burgundy,That it intends to do? My lord of Burgundy,KL I.i.237
What say you to the Lady? Loue's not loueWhat say you to the lady? Love's not loveKL I.i.238
When it is mingled with regards, that standsWhen it is mingled with regards that standsKL I.i.239
Aloofe from th'intire point, will you haue her?Aloof from th' entire point. Will you have her?KL I.i.240
She is herselfe a Dowrie.She is herself a dowry.KL I.i.241.1
Fairest Cordelia, that art most rich being poore,Fairest Cordelia, that art most rich, being poor,KL I.i.250
Most choise forsaken, and most lou'd despis'd,Most choice, forsaken; and most loved, despised,KL I.i.251
Thee and thy vertues here I seize vpon,Thee and thy virtues here I seize upon.KL I.i.252
Be it lawfull I take vp what's cast away.Be it lawful I take up what's cast away.KL I.i.253
Gods, Gods! 'Tis strange, that from their cold'st neglectGods, gods! 'Tis strange that from their cold'st neglectKL I.i.254
My Loue should kindle to enflam'd respect.My love should kindle to inflamed respect.KL I.i.255
Thy dowrelesse Daughter King, throwne to my chance,Thy dowerless daughter, King, thrown to my chance,KL I.i.256
Is Queene of vs, of ours, and our faire France:Is queen of us, of ours, and our fair France.KL I.i.257
Not all the Dukes of watrish Burgundy,Not all the dukes of waterish BurgundyKL I.i.258
Can buy this vnpriz'd precious Maid of me.Can buy this unprized-precious maid of me.KL I.i.259
Bid them farewell Cordelia, though vnkinde,Bid them farewell, Cordelia, though unkind.KL I.i.260
Thou loosest here a better where to finde.Thou losest here, a better where to find.KL I.i.261
Bid farwell to your Sisters.Bid farewell to your sisters.KL I.i.267
Come my faire Cordelia. Come, my fair Cordelia.KL I.i.282.2

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