Original textModern textKey line
Deere L. you are full of faire words.Dear lord, you are full of fair words.TC III.i.47
O sir.O sir – TC III.i.54
Nay, this shall not hedge vs out, weele heare youNay, this shall not hedge us out; we'll hear youTC III.i.59
sing certainely.sing, certainly.TC III.i.60
My Lord Pandarus, hony sweete Lord.My Lord Pandarus, honey-sweet lord – TC III.i.64
You shall not bob vs out of our melody: / If you doe, You shall not bob us out of our melody; if you do,TC III.i.67
our melancholly vpon your head.our melancholy upon your head!TC III.i.68
And to make a sweet Lady sad, is a sower offence.And to make a sweet lady sad is a sour offence.TC III.i.71
My Lord Pandarus?My Lord Pandarus – TC III.i.76
Nay but my Lord?Nay, but, my lord – TC III.i.80
You must not know where he sups.You must not know where he sups.TC III.i.83
Why this is kindely done?Why, this is kindly done.TC III.i.93
She shall haue it my Lord, if it be not my LordShe shall have it, my lord, if it be not my LordTC III.i.96
Paris.Paris.TC III.i.97
Falling in after falling out, may make them Falling in after falling out may make themTC III.i.100
three.three.TC III.i.101
I, I, prethee now: by my troth sweet Lord thouAy, ay, prithee now. By my troth, sweet lord, thouTC III.i.104
hast a fine fore-head.hast a fine forehead.TC III.i.105
Let thy song be loue: this loue will vndoe vs al. Oh Let thy song be love; this love will undo us all. OTC III.i.107
Cupid, Cupid, Cupid.Cupid, Cupid, Cupid!TC III.i.108
In loue yfaith to the very tip of the nose.In love, i'faith, to the very tip of the nose.TC III.i.124
He hangs the lippe at something; you know allHe hangs the lip at something – you know all,TC III.i.136
Lord Pandarus?Lord Pandarus.TC III.i.137
Commend me to your Neece.Commend me to your niece.TC III.i.143
'Twill make vs proud to be his seruant Paris:'Twill make us proud to be his servant, Paris;TC III.i.152
Yea what he shall receiue of vs in duetie,Yea, what he shall receive of us in dutyTC III.i.153
Giues vs more palme in beautie then we haue:Gives us more palm in beauty than we have,TC III.i.154
Yea ouershines our selfe.Yea, overshines ourself.TC III.i.155