Original textModern textKey line
Cry Troyans, cry.Cry, Trojans, cry!TC II.ii.98.1
Cry Troyans.Cry, Trojans!TC II.ii.100
Cry Troyans cry; lend me ten thousand eyes,Cry, Trojans, cry! Lend me ten thousand eyes,TC II.ii.102
And I will fill them with Propheticke teares.And I will fill them with prophetic tears.TC II.ii.103
Virgins, and Boyes; mid-age & wrinkled old,Virgins and boys, mid-age and wrinkled old,TC II.ii.105
Soft infancie, that nothing can but cry,Soft infancy, that nothing can but cry,TC II.ii.106
Adde to my clamour: let vs pay betimesAdd to my clamour! Let us pay betimesTC II.ii.107
A moity of that masse of moane to come.A moiety of that mass of moan to come.TC II.ii.108
Cry Troyans cry, practise your eyes with teares,Cry, Trojans, cry! Practise your eyes with tears!TC II.ii.109
Troy must not be, nor goodly Illion stand,Troy must not be, nor goodly Ilium stand;TC II.ii.110
Our fire-brand Brother Paris burnes vs all.Our firebrand brother Paris burns us all.TC II.ii.111
Cry Troyans cry, a Helen and a woe;Cry, Trojans, cry! A Helen and a woe!TC II.ii.112
Cry, cry, Troy burnes, or else let Helen goe. Cry, cry! Troy burns, or else let Helen go.TC II.ii.113
Where is my brother Hector?Where is my brother Hector?TC V.iii.7.2
O, 'tis true.O, 'tis true.TC V.iii.13.1
No notes of sallie, for the heauens, sweet brother.No notes of sally, for the heavens, sweet brother.TC V.iii.14
The gods are deafe to hot and peeuish vowes;The gods are deaf to hot and peevish vows;TC V.iii.16
They are polluted offrings, more abhordThey are polluted offerings, more abhorredTC V.iii.17
Then spotted Liuers in the sacrifice.Than spotted livers in the sacrifice.TC V.iii.18
It is the purpose that makes strong the vowe;It is the purpose that makes strong the vow;TC V.iii.23
But vowes to euery purpose must not hold:But vows to every purpose must not hold.TC V.iii.24
Vnatme sweete Hector.Unarm, sweet Hector.TC V.iii.25.1
Lay hold vpon him Priam, hold him fast:Lay hold upon him, Priam, hold him fast;TC V.iii.59
He is thy crutch; now if thou loose thy stay,He is thy crutch. Now if thou lose thy stay,TC V.iii.60
Thou on him leaning, and all Troy on thee,Thou on him leaning, and all Troy on thee,TC V.iii.61
Fall all together.Fall all together.TC V.iii.62.1
O Priam, yeelde not to him.O Priam, yield not to him!TC V.iii.76.1
O farewell, deere Hector:O, farewell, dear Hector!TC V.iii.80.2
Looke how thou diest; looke how thy eye turnes pale:Look how thou diest! Look, how thy eye turns pale!TC V.iii.81
Looke how thy wounds doth bleede at many vents:Look how thy wounds do bleed at many vents!TC V.iii.82
Harke how Troy roares; how Hecuba cries out;Hark how Troy roars, how Hecuba cries out,TC V.iii.83
How poore Andromache shrils her dolour forth;How poor Andromache shrills her dolour forth!TC V.iii.84
Behold distraction, frenzie, and amazement,Behold distraction, frenzy, and amazementTC V.iii.85
Like witlesse Antickes one another meete,Like witless antics one another meet,TC V.iii.86
And all cry Hector, Hectors dead: O Hector!And all cry ‘ Hector! Hector's dead!’ – O Hector!TC V.iii.87
Farewell: yes, soft: Hector I take my leaue;Farewell – yes, soft: Hector, I take my leave.TC V.iii.89
Thou do'st thy selfe, and all our Troy deceiue. Thou dost thyself and all our Troy deceive.TC V.iii.90