Original textModern textKey line
Now Princes for the seruice I haue done you,Now, princes, for the service I have done you,TC III.iii.1
Th'aduantage of the time promps me aloud,Th' advantage of the time prompts me aloudTC III.iii.2
To call for recompence: appeare it to your minde,To call for recompense. Appear it to your mindTC III.iii.3
That through the sight I beare in things to loue,That, through the sight I bear in things to come,TC III.iii.4
I haue abandon'd Troy, left my possession,I have abandoned Troy, left my possession,TC III.iii.5
Incur'd a Traitors name, expos'd my selfe,Incurred a traitor's name, exposed myself,TC III.iii.6
From certaine and possest conueniences,From certain and possessed conveniences,TC III.iii.7
To doubtfull fortunes, sequestring from me allTo doubtful fortunes; sequest'ring from me allTC III.iii.8
That time, acquaintance, custome and condition,That time, acquaintance, custom, and conditionTC III.iii.9
Made tame, and most familiar to my nature:Made tame and most familiar to my nature;TC III.iii.10
And here to doe you seruice am become,And here, to do you service, am becomeTC III.iii.11
As new into the world, strange, vnacquainted.As new into the world, strange, unacquainted.TC III.iii.12
I doe beseech you, as in way of taste,I do beseech you, as in way of taste,TC III.iii.13
To giue me now a little benefit:To give me now a little benefit,TC III.iii.14
Out of those many registred in promise,Out of those many registered in promise,TC III.iii.15
Which you say, liue to come in my behalfe.Which, you say, live to come in my behalf.TC III.iii.16
You haue a Troian prisoner, cal'd Anthenor,You have a Trojan prisoner, called Antenor,TC III.iii.18
Yesterday tooke: Troy holds him very deere.Yesterday took; Troy holds him very dear.TC III.iii.19
Oft haue you (often haue you, thankes therefore)Oft have you – often have you thanks therefore – TC III.iii.20
Desir'd my Cressia in right great exchange.Desired my Cressid in right great exchange,TC III.iii.21
Whom Troy hath still deni'd: but this Anthenor,Whom Troy hath still denied; but this Antenor,TC III.iii.22
I know is such a wrest in their affaires;I know, is such a wrest in their affairsTC III.iii.23
That their negotiations all must slacke,That their negotiations all must slack,TC III.iii.24
Wanting his mannage: and they will almost,Wanting his manage; and they will almostTC III.iii.25
Giue vs a Prince of blood, a Sonne of Priam,Give us a prince of blood, a son of Priam,TC III.iii.26
In change of him. Let him be sent great Princes,In change of him. Let him be sent, great princes,TC III.iii.27
And he shall buy my Daughter: and her presence,And he shall buy my daughter; and her presenceTC III.iii.28
Shall quite strike off all seruice I haue done,Shall quite strike off all service I have doneTC III.iii.29
In most accepted paine.In most accepted pain.TC III.iii.30.1
All. ALL
The Troians Trumpet.The Trojan's trumpet.TC IV.v.64.1
Who cals? (within) Who calls?TC V.ii.2
She comes to you.She comes to you.TC V.ii.5