Original textModern textKey line
When was my Lord so much vngently temper'd,When was my lord so much ungently tempered,TC V.iii.1.1
To stop his eares against admonishment?To stop his ears against admonishment?TC V.iii.2
Vnarme, vnarme, and doe not fight to day.Unarm, unarm, and do not fight today.TC V.iii.3
My dreames will sure proue ominous to the day.My dreams will sure prove ominous to the day.TC V.iii.6
Here sister, arm'd, and bloudy in intent:Here, sister; armed, and bloody in intent.TC V.iii.8
Consort with me in loud and deere petition:Consort with me in loud and dear petition;TC V.iii.9
Pursue we him on knees: for I haue dreamptPursue we him on knees; for I have dreamedTC V.iii.10
Of bloudy turbulence; and this whole nightOf bloody turbulence, and this whole nightTC V.iii.11
Hath nothing beene but shapes, and formes of slaughter.Hath nothing been but shapes and forms of slaughter.TC V.iii.12
O be perswaded, doe not count it holy,O, be persuaded! Do not count it holyTC V.iii.19
To hurt by being iust; it is as lawfull:To hurt by being just; it is as lawful,TC V.iii.20
For we would count giue much to as violent thefts,For we would give much, to use violent thefts,TC V.iii.21
And rob in the behalfe of charitie.And rob in the behalf of charity.TC V.iii.22
Cassandra, call my father to perswade.Cassandra, call my father to persuade.TC V.iii.30
Doe not deere father.Do not, dear father.TC V.iii.76.2