Original textModern textKey line
Such newes my Lord, as greeues me to report.Such news, my lord, as grieves me to report.R3 II.iv.39
Well Madam, and in health.Well, madam, and in health.R3 II.iv.40.2
Lord Riuers, and Lord Grey, / Are sent to Pomfret, Lord Rivers and Lord Grey are sent to Pomfret,R3 II.iv.42
and with them, / Sir Thomas Vaughan, Prisoners.And with them Sir Thomas Vaughan, prisoners.R3 II.iv.43
The mighty Dukes, The mighty dukes,R3 II.iv.44.2
Glouster and Buckingham.Gloucester and Buckingham.R3 II.iv.45.1
The summe of all I can, I haue disclos'd:The sum of all I can I have disclosed.R3 II.iv.46
Why, or for what, the Nobles were committed,Why or for what the nobles were committedR3 II.iv.47
Is all vnknowne to me, my gracious Lord.Is all unknown to me, my gracious lord.R3 II.iv.48
My Lord, my Lord.My lord! My lord!R3 III.ii.1
One from the Lord Stanley.One from the Lord Stanley.R3 III.ii.3
Vpon the stroke of foure.Upon the stroke of four.R3 III.ii.5
So it appeares, by that I haue to say:So it appears by that I have to say:R3 III.ii.7
First, he commends him to your Noble selfe.First, he commends him to your noble self.R3 III.ii.8
Then certifies your Lordship, that this NightThen certifies your lordship that this nightR3 III.ii.10
He dreamt, the Bore had rased off his Helme:He dreamt the boar had razed off his helm.R3 III.ii.11
Besides, he sayes there are two Councels kept;Besides, he says there are two councils kept;R3 III.ii.12
And that may be determin'd at the one,And that may be determined at the oneR3 III.ii.13
Which may make you and him to rue at th'other.Which may make you and him to rue at th' other.R3 III.ii.14
Therefore he sends to know your Lordships pleasure,Therefore he sends to know your lordship's pleasure,R3 III.ii.15
If you will presently take Horse with him,If you will presently take horse with himR3 III.ii.16
And with all speed post with him toward the North,And with all speed post with him toward the northR3 III.ii.17
To shun the danger that his Soule diuines.To shun the danger that his soul divines.R3 III.ii.18
Ile goe, my Lord, and tell him what you say.I'll go, my lord, and tell him what you say.R3 III.ii.34
My Lord, he doth deny to come.My lord, he doth deny to come.R3 V.iii.344