Original textModern textKey line
God blesse your Grace, with health and happie dayes.God bless your grace with health and happy days!R3 III.i.18
Had he done so?Had he done so?R3 III.v.39
Now faire befall you, he deseru'd his death,Now fair befall you! He deserved his death,R3 III.v.46
And your good Graces both haue well proceeded,And your good graces both have well proceededR3 III.v.47
To warne false Traytors from the like Attempts.To warn false traitors from the like attempts.R3 III.v.48
But, my good Lord, your Graces words shal serue,But, my good lord, your grace's word shall serve,R3 III.v.61
As well as I had seene, and heard him speake:As well as I had seen, and heard him speak;R3 III.v.62
And doe not doubt, right Noble Princes both,And do not doubt, right noble princes both,R3 III.v.63
But Ile acquaint our dutious CitizensBut I'll acquaint our duteous citizensR3 III.v.64
With all your iust proceedings in this case.With all your just proceedings in this cause.R3 III.v.65
Marry God defend his Grace should say vs nay.Marry, God defend his grace should say us nay!R3 III.vii.80
See where his Grace stands, tweene two Clergie men.See where his grace stands, 'tween two clergymen.R3 III.vii.94
Do good my Lord, your Citizens entreat you.Do, good my lord; your citizens entreat you.R3 III.vii.200
God blesse your Grace, wee see it, and will say it.God bless your grace! We see it, and will say it.R3 III.vii.236
Amen.Amen.R3 III.vii.240