Original textModern textKey line
In that you brooke it ill, it makes him worse,In that you brook it ill, it makes him worse;R3 I.iii.3
Therefore for Gods sake entertaine good comfort,Therefore for God's sake entertain good comfortR3 I.iii.4
And cheere his Grace with quicke and merry eyesAnd cheer his grace with quick and merry eyes.R3 I.iii.5
The Heauens haue blest you with a goodly Son,The heavens have blessed you with a goodly sonR3 I.iii.9
To be your Comforter, when he is gone.To be your comforter when he is gone.R3 I.iii.10
Here comes the Lord of Buckingham & Derby.Here come the lords of Buckingham and Derby.R3 I.iii.17
To who in all this presence speaks your Grace?To whom in all this presence speaks your grace?R3 I.iii.54
God blesse the Prince from all the Pack of you,God bless the Prince from all the pack of you!R3 III.iii.4
A Knot you are, of damned Blood-suckers.A knot you are of damned blood-suckers.R3 III.iii.5
Now Margarets Curse is falne vpon our Heads,Now Margaret's curse is fallen upon our heads,R3 III.iii.14
When shee exclaim'd on Hastings, you, and I,When she exclaimed on Hastings, you, and I,R3 III.iii.15
For standing by, when Richard stab'd her Sonne.For standing by when Richard stabbed her son.R3 III.iii.16
All to Richm. ALL 
Awake, / And thinke our wrongs in Richards Bosome,Awake, and think our wrongs in Richard's bosomR3 V.iii.145
Will conquer him. Awake, and win the day.Will conquer him! Awake, and win the day!R3 V.iii.146