Original textModern textKey line
No man but prophecied reuenge for it.No man but prophesied revenge for it.R3 I.iii.185
Dispute not with her, shee is lunaticke.Dispute not with her; she is lunatic.R3 I.iii.253
It touches you my Lord, as much as me.It touches you, my lord, as much as me.R3 I.iii.261
This interchange of loue, I heere protestThis interchange of love, I here protest,R3 II.i.26
Vpon my part, shall be inuiolable.Upon my part shall be unviolable.R3 II.i.27
I my good Lord, and no man in the presence,Ay, my good lord; and no man in the presenceR3 II.i.86
But his red colour hath forsooke his cheekes.But his red colour hath forsook his cheeks.R3 II.i.87
Comfort deere Mother, God is much displeas'd,Comfort, dear mother; God is much displeasedR3 II.ii.89
That you take with vnthankfulnesse his doing.That you take with unthankfulness His doing.R3 II.ii.90
In common worldly things, 'tis call'd vngratefull,In common worldly things 'tis called ungratefulR3 II.ii.91
With dull vnwillingnesse to repay a debt,With dull unwillingness to repay a debtR3 II.ii.92
Which with a bounteous hand was kindly lent:Which with a bounteous hand was kindly lent;R3 II.ii.93
Much more to be thus opposite with heauen,Much more to be thus opposite with heavenR3 II.ii.94
For it requires the Royall debt it lent you.For it requires the royal debt it lent you.R3 II.ii.95
Be of good cheare: Mother, how fares your Grace?Be of good cheer. Mother, how fares your grace?R3 IV.i.37
Richm. LORDS
Good morrow Richmond.Good morrow, Richmond!R3 V.iii.224
Lords. LORDS
How haue you slept my Lord?How have you slept, my lord?R3 V.iii.227
Vpon the stroke of foure.Upon the stroke of four.R3 V.iii.236