Original textModern textKey line
Last night I heard they lay at Stony Stratford,Last night, I hear, they lay at Stony Stratford,R3 II.iv.1
And at Northampton they do rest to night:And at Northampton they do rest tonight;R3 II.iv.2
To morrow, or next day, they will be heere.Tomorrow, or next day, they will be here.R3 II.iv.3
And so no doubt he is, my gracious Madam.And so no doubt he is, my gracious madam.R3 II.iv.21
Heere comes a Messenger: What Newes?Here comes a messenger. What news?R3 II.iv.38
For what offence?For what offence?R3 II.iv.45.2
My gracious Lady go,My gracious lady, go,R3 II.iv.68.2
And thether beare your Treasure and your Goodes,And thither bear your treasure and your goods.R3 II.iv.69
For my part, Ile resigne vnto your GraceFor my part, I'll resign unto your graceR3 II.iv.70
The Seale I keepe, and so betide to me,The seal I keep; and so betide to meR3 II.iv.71
As well I tender you, and all of yours.As well I tender you and all of yours!R3 II.iv.72
Go, Ile conduct you to the Sanctuary. Go, I'll conduct you to the sanctuary.R3 II.iv.73