Original textModern textKey line
That labour may you saue: See where he comes. That labour may you save. See where he comes.CE IV.i.14
I do, I do,CE IV.i.70
and charge you in the Dukes name to obey me. And charge you in the Duke's name to obey me.CE IV.i.71
I do arrest you sir, you heare the suite. I do arrest you, sir. You hear the suit.CE IV.i.80
Good sir be patient. Good sir, be patient.CE IV.iv.18
Good now hold thy tongue. Good now, hold thy tongue.CE IV.iv.20
Masters let him go: Masters, let him go.CE IV.iv.109.2
he is my prisoner, and you shall not haue him. He is my prisoner, and you shall not have him.CE IV.iv.110
He is my prisoner, if I let him go, He is my prisoner. If I let him goCE IV.iv.115
The debt he owes will be requir'd of me. The debt he owes will be required of me.CE IV.iv.116
One Angelo a Goldsmith, do you know him? One Angelo, a goldsmith. Do you know him?CE IV.iv.130
Two hundred Duckets. Two hundred ducats.CE IV.iv.132.1
Due for a Chaine your husband had of him. Due for a chain your husband had of him.CE IV.iv.133
Away, they'l kill vs. Away, they'll kill us.CE IV.iv.144.2