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Henry IV Part 22H4 II.i.51 – and a woman-queller.and a woman-queller.


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Amazon, Amazonianone of a race of warrior women, said to be descended from Ares, god of war
auntold woman, gossip
bachelorunmarried person [man or woman]
baggagegood-for-nothing woman, harlot
bedlammad beggar, madman/woman, lunatic
beldamhag, witch, loathsome old woman
beldamold woman, crone
bosompocket on the front of a woman's dress
boy-quellerchild killer
butter-woman[woman who deals in butter, dairy-maid] chatterer, gabbler
cap[men] soft brimless head-dress; [women] loose-fitting decorative head-dress
cockneysqueamish woman, pampered lady
croneold hag, withered old woman
cuckold-makerseducer of a married woman
damewoman, girl
damelady, mistress, woman of rank
dey-woman, day-womandairy-maid
distaff-womanwoman occupied in spinning
dividualdifferent, separate [i.e. between man and woman]
dowdyunattractive woman, shabbily dressed girl
flirt-gillfast girl, loose woman
Florentiusknight in Gower's 'Confessio Amantis' who married an ugly woman in return for the answer to a riddle on which his life depended
fornicatresswoman guilty of fornication
FortuneRoman goddess, shown as a woman at a spinning-wheel, or controlling a rudder, and as blind
fustilarian[unclear meaning] smelly old woman
gentlewomanwoman of good breeding, well-born lady
gossipold woman, gossiping woman
green-sicknesstype of illness supposed to affect lovesick young women
harpymythical rapacious bird, half woman, half vulture [symbolizing divine retribution]
Helenwoman renowned for her beauty, whose abduction from the Greeks by Paris of Troy caused the Trojan War
herb-womanwoman who sells herbs
in terramno woman shall succeed in Salic land
jay[bird of bright plumage] showy woman, whore
jointresswoman holding a property right from her deceased husband, dowager
libelfalse statement, damaging attack [on women]
maidvirgin, unmarried woman
maidhuman, mortal [woman]
Maid Marianwoman loved by Robin Hood
mankindman-like woman, virago; or: mad, furious, infuriated
matronmarried woman
mouse-huntmouse-hunter; prowler, pursuer of women
'omanWelsh pronunciation of 'woman'
orange-wifewoman who sells oranges
perfumeperfumed mistress, fragrant woman
piececreature, individual, person, woman
pipingshrill-toned, high-pitched [either: of pipes; or: of women and children's voices]
Pygmalion[pron: pig'maylion] sculptor who created and fell in love with his ivory statue of a woman; Aphrodite brought her to life, and he married her
quellerdestroyer, killer
rampwhore, brazen woman
ronyon[term of abuse for a woman] mangy creature
scoldabusive woman, quarreller
shelady, woman, girl
she-Mercurywoman messenger
shrewishlylike a woman, shrilly, sharply
sibylprophetess, fortune-teller, wise woman
Sirensea demon of Greek mythology, half bird, half woman, whose music lured sailors to destruction on the rocky shores of her island
smockwoman's undergarment, shift, slip, chemise
spinsterdomestic woman, one who stays at home spinning
stomacherpiece of clothing used by women under their bodice to help cover the chest
tithe-womantenth woman
trotold woman, hag
uncoinedunalloyed, genuine; also: not yet in circulation [among women]
vestalwoman vowed to chastity, virgin, priestess
votaresswoman under vow, votary, devotee [of an order]
wenchingsomeone who hangs around with women
wenchlesslacking in women
wise womanfortune-teller, witch, sorceress
womanbe in the company of a woman
womanmake behave like a woman, weep
woman-postfemale carrier of dispatches
woman-tiredhenpecked, torn apart by a woman


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abusive womanscold
behave like a woman, makewoman
brazen womanramp
breeding, woman of good gentlewoman
chastity, woman vowed tovestal
chest, women's clothing covering thestomacher
company of a woman, be in thewoman
domestic womanspinster
dress, pocket on the front of a woman'sbosom
fornication, woman guilty of fornicatress
fragrant womanperfume
good-for-nothing womanbaggage
gossiping womangossip
herbs, woman who sells herb-woman
man-like womanmankind
married womanmatron
mortal [woman]maid
old womanaunt
old womanbeldam
old womangossip
oranges, woman who sells orange-wife
pocket on the front of a woman's dressbosom
property right held by a woman from her deceased husbandjointress
pursuer of womenmouse-hunt
rank, woman ofdame
right of property held by a woman from her deceased husbandjointress
seducer of a married womancuckold-maker
showy woman jay
smelly old womanfustilarian
spinning, woman occupied in distaff-woman
squeamish womancockney
tenth womantithe-woman
undergarment, woman'ssmock
unmarried womanmaid
vow, woman undervotaress
warrior womenAmazon, Amazonian
wise womansibyl
withered old womancrone
woman guilty of fornicationfornicatress
woman holding a property right from her deceased husbandjointress
woman messengershe-Mercury
woman occupied in spinningdistaff-woman
woman of good breedinggentlewoman
woman of rankdame
woman under vowvotaress
woman vowed to chastityvestal
woman who sells herbsherb-woman
woman who sells orangesorange-wife
woman's undergarmentsmock
woman, be in the company of awoman
woman, brazenramp
woman, domesticspinster
woman, fragrantperfume
woman, good-for-nothingbaggage
woman, gossipinggossip
woman, like ashrewishly
woman, loathsome oldbeldam
woman, looseflirt-gill
woman, make behave like awoman
woman, man-likemankind
woman, marriedmatron
woman, oldtrot
woman, oldaunt
woman, oldgossip
woman, oldbeldam
woman, seducer of a married cuckold-maker
woman, showyjay
woman, smelly old fustilarian
woman, squeamishcockney
woman, tenthtithe-woman
woman, torn apart by awoman-tired
woman, unattractive dowdy
woman, unmarriedmaid
woman, wisesibyl
woman, withered oldcrone
women, lacking inwenchless
women, pursuer ofmouse-hunt
women, someone who hangs around with wenching
women, warriorAmazon, Amazonian

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