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Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.vii.36talk of a noun and a verb, and such abominable words astalke of a Nowne and a Verbe, and such abhominable wordes, as


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no-verbword of warning; or: non-existing word
shent[from earlier verb ‘shend’] blamed, rebuked, reproached


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Themes and Topics

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a- as a particle...g itself) the commonest use is before a verb ending in -ing (coming going) to which...
Comparison...e special cases adjectives derived from verb participles for example never take an ...
Functional shift...misdeeds askance their eyes adverb to verb beseech* tc i ii 293 achi...
...n / thirds his own worth adjective to verb where kl i i 261 thou los...
... to find an abstract noun converted to a verb though a few examples are given at the ...
Past tenses...ed by adding -ed to the base form of the verb i walk > i walked they ask > they aske...
...sh where there were several distinctive verb classes a related form seen in i ha...
...les are included in the -en lists below verb forms have changed greatly since old eng...
Plurals...boy > boys) or by its agreement with the verb or determiner (as in this sheep is > the...
Verb forms...ble a rhythmical contrast with the same verb can be seen at the beginning of cleon’s ...
Abbreviations...rto (see below) qq quartos v verb >  [in panels] becomes develops i...

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Word FamilyWord Family GroupWords
VERBBASICverb n, verbal adj, verbatim adv, verbosity n


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