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Henry VH5 III.ii.99It sall be vary gud, gud feith, gud captens bath, andIt sall be vary gud, gud feith, gud Captens bath, and
Henry VH5 III.vii.31rising of the lark to the lodging of the lamb, varyrising of the Larke to the lodging of the Lambe, varie
King LearKL II.ii.77With every gale and vary of their masters,With euery gall, and varry of their Masters,
Love's Labour's LostLLL IV.iii.98Once more I'll mark how love can vary wit.Once more Ile marke how Loue can varry Wit.


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varyvariation, vacillation, shifting
varyexpress in fresh words, verbalize anew
varybring novelty to, cause to change
varyScottish pronunciation of 'very'


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Classical mythology... seven sons and seven daughters [numbers vary in different versions] were slain by apo...
Scottish...3 theise these h5 iii ii 110 vary very h5 iii ii 99 wad would h5 ...

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