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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Antony and CleopatraAC II.ii.241Her infinite variety. Other women cloyHer infinite variety: other women cloy


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Venus and AdonisVen.21 Making them red and pale with fresh variety; Making them red, and pale, with fresh varietie:


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aconitumvariety of highly poisonous plant, aconite
bastardvariety of sweet Spanish wine
bastardhybrid, cross-breed, mixed variety
canaryvariety of sweet wine from the Canary Islands
changevariety, assortment, range
charnecovariety of sweet Portuguese wine
cocklevariety of weed, darnel
cuckoo-flowervariety of wild flower growing at the time of year when cuckoos call
differencevariety, range, assortment
dockvariety of weedy herb
flagreed, rush; also: variety of iris
fumiterfumitory [variety of weed]
fumitoryvariety of weed
hardokevariety of weedy plant, possibly burdock
hemlockvariety of poisonous plant
kecksievariety of hollow-stalked plant
mallowvariety of wild plant
malmseyvariety of strong sweet red wine
mandrakevariety of poisonous plant [thought to emit a lethal shriek when pulled from the ground]
mandrakevariety of poisonous plant [whose long forked root was thought to resemble a man's legs and private parts; thus, with aphrodisiac properties]
medlarvariety of tree [whose fruit were thought to resemble female genitalia]
minnow[variety of fish] insignificant object
moodmode, manner, variety
pignutvariety of edible nutty root, earth chestnut
plantainvariety of medicinal herb
pomewatervariety of large juicy apple
poperinvariety of pear
popperingvariety of pear [from Poperinghe, Belgium]
sedgevariety of grassy plant, rush
sennavariety of shrub [producing a drug which can cause vomiting and bowel evacuation]
sortkind, variety, type
sweetingsweet-flavoured variety of apple
sycamorevariety of fig tree [a Mediterranean species]
wardenmade from a variety of baking pear


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iris, variety offlag
mixed varietybastard
pear, made from a variety of bakingwarden
pear, variety ofpoppering
plant, variety of weedyhardoke
variety, mixedbastard

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VARIETYBASICvariable adj, variance n, variation n, varied adj, variety n, vary n, vary v, varying adj


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