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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
CymbelineCym II.iii.129The under-hangman of his kingdom; and hatedThe vnder Hangman of his Kingdome; and hated


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beholdenindebted, under an obligation
behovemoderate the need for, keep under control
bindpledge, vow, be under obligation
boundobliged, indebted, under an obligation
charmedbewitched, enchanted, placed under a spell
collarnoose, hangman's halter
confinebanish, remove, place under restriction
containrestrain, keep under control
cordhangman's rope
countyterritory under the rule of a count
Crispian, Crispin, SaintsEnglish forms of Crispianus and Crispinus: in Christian tradition, martyrs under Roman emperor Diocletian; feast day 25 October
curbcontrolling chain or strap passed under a horse's jaw; check, restraint
debtconstrained by necessity, under an obligation
directivesubject to direction, under the control [of]
enchantingbewitching, captivating, holding under a spell
enchantinglyas if put under a spell
enforcedlyunder compulsion, out of necessity
enpatronmake a patron of, have under one's patronage
fleetbe afloat, be under sail
footin employment, taking place, under way
goodman[title for a person under the rank of gentleman] mister, master
guardescort, accompany [under guard]
handfastheld fast, in custody, under arrest
hangmanfit for the hangman, infernal, diabolical
hangmanrascal, rogue, reprobate
ill-disposedindisposed, unwell, under the weather
lease, out bylet out to others, not under one's full ownership
mineexcavated passage under a fortress wall
minorityunder-age period, earlier youth, childhood
mortifieddying to sin, put under subjection
officerexecutioner, hangman, gaoler
painon pain of, under the penalty of
parlenegotiation, meeting [between enemies under a truce, to discuss terms]
Pelion[pron: 'peelion] mountain in Thessaly, N Greece; gods revenged themselves on rebellious Titans by burying them under Mt Pelion
possessedmad, crazy, under demonic control
questionon trial, under examination
refrainrestrain, hold back, keep under control
rope[cry of derision, imitating a parrot's cry] hangman's rope, halter
safeguardunder safe-conduct, with guarantee of safe passage
scarfed[unclear meaning] fully decked out; under full sail; [of the hull] well-jointed
silenceforce to remain in silence, keep under restraint
stake[bear-baiting] under attack; or [gambling]: at risk
starredborn under a star
stomacherpiece of clothing used by women under their bodice to help cover the chest
stowput away, put under cover
tallow-catch[unclear meaning] dripping-pan [placed under roasting meat]
underdown, in a bad way, in a low position
under fienddevil from hell, fiend from under the earth
undergofall under, experience, face up to
under-honestless than honourable
under-peeppeep from under
underskinkerunder-wine-waiter, under-tapster
understandstand under the force of [with pun on ‘comprehend’]
under-worldearth, terrestrial world
votaresswoman under vow, votary, devotee [of an order]
VulcanRoman god of fire, and the gods' blacksmith; his forge was under Mt Etna, and thus associated with destruction and hell
walkarea of a forest under the supervision of a forester
wardperson under someone's protection, minor
wardas a ward, under guardianship


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accompany [under guard]guard
arrest, underhandfast
attack, understake
born under a starstarred
compulsion, underenforcedly
control, keep underrefrain
control, keep underbehove
control, keep undercontain
control, underdirective
count, territory under the rule of a county
cover, put understow
demonic control, underpossessed
dripping-pan [placed under roasting meat]tallow-catch
earth, fiend from under theunder fiend
examination, underquestion
fall underundergo
fiend from under the earthunder fiend
fit for the hangmanhangman
force of, stand under the understand
fortress wall, passage under amine
guardianship, underward
halter, hangman'scollar
hangman's haltercollar
hangman's ropecord
hangman's ropehalter
hangman's rope [cry of derision]rope
hangman, fit for thehangman
keep under controlbehove
keep under controlcontain
keep under controlrefrain
meeting [between enemies under a truce]parle
obligation, be underbind
obligation, under anbound
obligation, under anbeholden
obligation, under andebt
ownership, not under fulllease, out by
passage excavated under a fortress wallmine
patronage, have under one'senpatron
peep from underunder-peep
period, under-ageminority
place under restrictionconfine
protection, person under someone'sward
restraint, keep undersilence
restriction, place underconfine
rope, hangman's [cry of derision]rope
safe-conduct, under safeguard
sail, under fullscarfed
spell, as if put under aenchantingly
spell, holding under aenchanting
spell, placed under acharmed
stand under the force ofunderstand
star, born under astarred
subjection, put undermortified
territory under the rule of a countcounty
under sail, befleet
under wayfoot
under, peep fromunder-peep
under-age periodminority
vow, woman undervotaress
woman under vowvotaress

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