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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.iv.121Thy father bears the type of King of Naples,Thy Father beares the type of King of Naples,
King Edward IIIE3 III.iii.175To dub thee with the type of chivalry,To dub thee with the tipe of chiualrie,
Richard IIIR3 IV.iv.245The high imperial type of this earth's glory.The high Imperiall Type of this earths glory.


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1050 Of that true type hath Tarquin rifled me. Of that true tipe hath TARQVIN rifled me.


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aspictype of venomous snake, asp
back-tricktype of backwards dance leap
Barbary cock-pigeontype of pigeon from the Barbary coast; [reputedly of Eastern men] man who jealously safeguards his wife
barley-breaktype of country game in which a couple occupies a den [nicknamed ‘hell’] in the centre of a [barley] field, and tries to catch other couples, who may separate [break] when about to be caught
base[plural] type of knee-length skirt worn by a knight on horseback
basilisktype of large cannon
box-treetype of ornamental thick shrub
brawltype of French dance
breedsort, kind, type
burnettype of meadow flower
calivertype of lightweight musket
caudletype of medicinal warm gruel, potion
chequintype of gold coin [of Italy and Turkey]
chopinetype of shoe with a high base
chrysolitetype of semi-precious stone
civettype of musky perfume [obtained form the civet cat]
colourtype, kind, nature
congertype of sea-eel
copy[legal] type of tenure, copyhold; also: process of replication
cuckoo-bud[unclear meaning] type of flower, perhaps chosen because its name resembles 'cuckold'; or: buttercup
culverintype of small cannon
cungertype of sea-eel
curdtype of foodstuff derived from milk
curvet[horse-riding] type of high leap
cypresstype of lightweight fabric, gauze cloth, crape material [when black, used in mourning]
dacetype of small fish, used as a bait
dead men's fingers[unclear] probably a type of wild orchis
demi-cannontype of large gun
dropsytype of disease in which the body retains watery fluids
durancedurability, lasting nature; also: type of strong durable cloth
estatedegree of rank, place in life, type of person
estridgetype of large hawk, goshawk
fashionsort, kind, type
fasttype of cheating game [in which people bet on whether the end of a coiled rope is fastened or not]; not playing fairly
featherkind, type, disposition
fetchtype of fodder crop; vetch, tares
figurewriting system, type of orthography
fistulatype of ulcer, abscess
flinttype of hard stone, flintstone
foxtype of sword [perhaps with a fox-like engraving on it]
friezetype of rough woollen cloth
fullamtype of loaded dice
fustiantype of coarse cloth [of cotton and flax]
galliardtype of lively, high-spirited dance
gendersort, kind, type
gourdtype of loaded dice
green-sicknesstype of illness supposed to affect lovesick young women
gudgeontype of fish used as a bait; credulity, gullibility
gurnettype of fish with a disproportionately large head [thus used as an insult]
hautboytype of musical instrument; oboe
haytype of winding country dance
horntype of wind instrument
jeantype of twilled cotton cloth [= unsophisticated, unrefined]
jettype of black coal
kidneyconstitution, nature, type
knitstyle, pattern, type
lapwingtype of plover [bird with wily methods of escaping the notice of predators; associated with amorous intrigue]
loachtype of small fish
lockramtype of Breton linen fabric
loggatstype of game [in which sticks are thrown to lie near a target stake]
long purple[unclear meaning] probably a type of wild orchis
maretype of schoolboy game involving one boy leaping on top of others
marmosettype of small monkey
morris, nine men'sarea marked out in squares for playing nine men's morris [a type of open-air game using nine ‘men’ on each side]
morris-piketype of pike [thought to be of Moorish origin]
mortar-piecetype of small high-firing cannon
moy[misunderstanding of French ‘moi’] type of coin; measure of goods
murdering-piecetype of weapon which scatters lethal projectiles
muscadeltype of strong sweet wine
musstype of children's game in which players scramble for things thrown on the ground
pavintype of stately dance, pavane
piecesort, kind, type
plum porridge[contemptuous, for the type of person who would eat] rich, fruity porridge [= heavy, lumbering individual]
primerotype of gambling card game
psalterytype of plucked stringed instrument
puddingtype of large savoury dish; dumpling, pasty
pur[debated meaning] knave in a type of card game [post and pair]
push-pintype of children's game [the pushing over of a peg to cross the peg of another player]
quotidiantype of fever with attacks every day
relishkind, quality, type
sackbuttype of bass trumpet, with a trombone-like slide
samingo[unclear meaning] type of drinking refrain [Latin ‘mingo’ = urinate]
saytype of fine-textured cloth
scamel[uncertain meaning] type of bird or fish
sea-gowntype of robe with a high collar, short sleeves, and mid-leg length
sergetype of woollen fabric
serpigotype of spreading skin disease
sizekind, type, length
sortkind, variety, type
squaretype of measuring instrument, especially for right angles
stone-bowtype of cross-bow which shoots stones, catapult
stool-balltype of bat-and-ball game, with a stool in place of a wicket
strappadotype of torturing instrument
tabortype of small drum, especially used in revelling
taborintype of drum [narrower and longer than a tabor]
tenchtype of freshwater fish [with red spots on its skin]
tertiantype of fever with attacks every third day
tickle-braintype of strong drink
tick-tacktype of backgammon in which scoring is by placing pegs in holes
tongstype of simple metal musical instrument
touchstonetype of stone used for testing the quality of a gold or silver alloy
tray-triptype of dicing game [depending on the throw of a three]
troll-my-dametype of game in which balls are rolled [trolled] through hoops
tun-dish[brewing] type of funnel fitting into the bung-hole of a cask [tun]
typeemblem, symbol, insignia
typetitle, stamp, distinguishing mark
typemark, sign, indication
upspringnewly introduced, trendy; or: a type of wild dance
violtype of stringed instrument played with a bow
wafer-caketype of thin, lightweight cake
wardtype of political administrative district
wildfireflaming gunpowder; also: will o' the wisp; type of eruptive disease
woodcocktype of game bird, thought to be easily tricked or snared; simpleton


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hawk, type of largeestridge
knave in a type of card gamepur
tenure, type of copy

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Attention signals...are general-purpose calls of the ‘hello’ type such as ho (ham i i 14) and what ho (h...
Plants...s mascula unclear meaning probably a type of wild orchis used as part of a ‘fanta...
Weapons...ted gun of several kinds and sizes each type firing shot of a particular weight ...

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