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Much Ado About NothingMA I.i.47it; he is a very valiant trencher-man, he hath an excellentit: he's a very valiant Trencher-man, hee hath an excellent


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Adonis[pron: a'dohnis] handsome young man loved by Aphrodite (Greek goddess of sexual love) or (in Roman mythology) Venus
Anthropophagi[pron: anthroh'pofajiy] mythical race of man-eaters
anthropophaginianman-eater, cannibal
apron-manaproned worker, tradesman
artistscholar, intellectual, learned man
arts-manman of learning, scholar
bachelorunmarried person [man or woman]
bacheloryoung man
bandbody of men, troop
Barbary cock-pigeontype of pigeon from the Barbary coast; [reputedly of Eastern men] man who jealously safeguards his wife
bloodman of fire, hot-blooded fellow, spirited youth
bone(plural) man, person
book-manscholar, student
cap[men] soft brimless head-dress; [women] loose-fitting decorative head-dress
carpet-mongerfrequenter of [carpeted] boudoirs, ladies' man
Centaurcreature with the upper half of a man and the rear legs of a horse; reputed for bestial behaviour
centurioncommander of 100 men in the Roman legion
chambererfrequenter of ladies' chambers, drawing-room man of fashion
championwarrior, fighter, man of valour
chivalryknights, men-at-arms
Circe[pron: 'ser'see] enchantress who detained Odysseus and his followers on the isle of Aeaea, transforming his’ men into swine with a magic drink
clerkscholar, sage, man of learning
codpiececloth case or pocket worn by a man at the front of breeches or hose; also: what it contains
commandtroop, body of men, force
corpsebody of a man, dead body
cot-queanman acting the housewife, meddler in household affairs
courageyoung man of bravado, man of spirit
creatureman, human
crewband, company, body of men
cuckold[mocking name] dishonour a man by making his wife unfaithful
cuckold[mocking name] man with an unfaithful wife
Damon['daymon] man from Syracuse seen as a model of faithful friendship, offering his life to help his friend Pythias
dead men's fingers[unclear] probably a type of wild orchis
Dives[pron: 'deevez] in the Bible, a rich man who feasted while the beggar Lazarus starved at his gate
dividualdifferent, separate [i.e. between man and woman]
divinehigh-priest, holy man
doctorlearned man, scholar; or: astrologer, physician
double-manapparition, wraith, spectre
doubletman's close-fitting jacket with short skirt
draymanman who drives a cart without wheels [a dray]
eldmen of old, people from former times
fairtime of youth, favourable opportunity [as a young man]
fatherold man, venerable sir
fire-drakefiery being, dragon, man with a fiery nose
gallantfine gentleman, man of fashion
gallantman-of-war, warship
gallantman-of-war, warship
gluttonrich man in the Dives and Lazarus parable
gownloose upper garment worn by men
grandsireold man, aged person
groomserving-man, servant, male attendant
Hagar[pron: 'haygahr] in the Bible, bondwoman to Sarah, whose child was Ishmael, a 'wild-ass of a man'
harnessarmed men, men-at-arms, armament
heman, person
homicidekiller of men, murderer, slayer
hoodmanblind man [a call in Blind Man's Buff]
hoodman-blindblind-man's buff
jackfigure of a man who strikes a bell on the outside of a clock
juvenalyouth, young man
ladserving-man, man of low birth [not necessarily young]
Leander[li'ander] young man in love with Hero, who lived on the opposite side of the Hellespont; each night he swam across, guided by her lamp
levyrecruitment of soldiers, conscription of men
manattend, serve, wait on [by]
manhuman nature, humanity [as opposed to beasts]
manmanliness, courage, valour
manmanhood, maturity, adulthood
managent, representative
manemploy, exert, send out
manservant, attendant, lackey
man[falconry] tame, make tractable
man at armsfully equipped soldier, heavily armed warrior
man of waxfaultless, perfect [as of a wax model]
mandrakevariety of poisonous plant [whose long forked root was thought to resemble a man's legs and private parts; thus, with aphrodisiac properties]
man-enteredentered into manhood
manikinlittle man, puppet
mankindman-like woman, virago; or: mad, furious, infuriated
mankindman-like, mannish
mannishof a man, adult, mature
man-of-armssoldier, fighting man
market-manman who trades in a market
martialistsoldier, military man [i.e. follower of Mars]
moremen of high and low rank
morris, nine men'sarea marked out in squares for playing nine men's morris [a type of open-air game using nine ‘men’ on each side]
muster-fileofficial list of men
noviI know the man as well as I know you
pantaloonold man, dotard [i.e. one wearing pantaloons = breeches]
please-manyes-man, sycophant, toady
presscommission to raise men
pretty[of men] fine, good-looking
Proteus['prohtius] old man of the sea, shepherd of Poseidon's flock, with the ability to change his shape
scholarlearned man, erudite person [who knows Latin, the language of exorcism]
semblablefellow-man, anything of the same nature
serving-creature[derisive term for] serving-man
shadowfictitious name, invented man
singing-manprofessional musician belonging to a royal chapel or cathedral
sirman, person, individual
slaughterman, slaughter-manexecutioner, slayer, murderer
sparkyoung blade, man about town, dude
statiststatesman, politician, man of affairs
swainman, youth, young fellow
three-man-songcapable of singing three-part songs
treble-datedliving three times as long as man
trencherplate, platter, serving dish
trencher-friendfriend for free meals, sponger, parasite
trencher-knighthero of the dinner-table, valiant eater
trencher-manhearty eater, good feeder, man of appetite
Typhongiant, half man half animal, who fought against the Olympian gods
ungartereduntied, not wearing a garter [a sign of a lovesick man]
virit's a wise man that says little
whitebeardold man, patriarch, old-timer
wittolcompliant cuckold, man who accepts his wife's infidelity
yeomanman who owns property but is not a gentleman; land-holding farmer
younkerfashionable young man, fine young gentleman


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affairs, man ofstatist
aged mangrandsire
alive, manbreather
appetite, man oftrencher-man
armed menharness
blind man [in a game]hoodman
blind-man's buffhoodman-blind
bravado, young man ofcourage
cart without wheels, man who drives adrayman
clock, figure of a man striking a bell on ajack
commander of 100 mencenturion
commission to raise menpress
conscription of menlevy
dishonour a man by making his wife unfaithfulcuckold
drawing-room man of fashionchamberer
fashion, drawing-room man ofchamberer
fashion, man ofgallant
fiery nose, man with afire-drake
fighting manman-of-arms
figure of a man who strikes a bell on the outside of a clockjack
fire, man ofblood
holy mandivine
housewife, man acting thecot-quean
invented manshadow
jacket, man's close-fittingdoublet
killer of menhomicide
ladies' mancarpet-monger
ladies' man of fashionchamberer
learned mandoctor
learned manscholar
learned manartist
learned manarts-man
learned manclerk
list of men, officialmuster-file
little manmanikin
living three times as long as mantreble-dated
low birth, man oflad
man about townspark
man acting the housewifecot-quean
man alivebreather
man of affairsstatist
man of fashiongallant
man of learningarts-man
man of learningclerk
man of learningartist
man of learningdoctor
man of learningscholar
man of low birthlad
man of spiritcourage
man of valourchampion
man of waxwax
man who accepts his wife's infidelitywittol
man who drives a cart without wheelsdrayman
man who owns property but is not a gentlemanyeoman
man who trades in a marketmarket-man
man with an unfaithful wifecuckold
man, holydivine
man, littlemanikin
man, of amannish
man, oldwhitebeard
man, oldpantaloon
man, oldgrandsire
man, oldfather
man, youngbachelor
man, youngjuvenal
man-eaters, race ofAnthropophagi
man-like womanmankind
men of oldeld
men, body ofband
men, body ofcommand
men, body ofcrew
men, killer ofhomicide
military manmartialist
nose, man with a fieryfire-drake
official list of menmuster-file
old manwhitebeard
old manpantaloon
old mangrandsire
old manfather
old, men ofeld
raise men, commission topress
rank, men of high and lowmore
rich manDives
rich manglutton
spirit, man ofcourage
three times living as long as mantreble-dated
unfaithful wife, man with ancuckold
valour, man ofchampion
wax, man ofwax
wife, man with an unfaithfulcuckold
woman, man-likemankind
young manbachelor
young manjuvenal
young man, fashionableyounker

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