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All's Well That Ends WellAW II.i.96A traitor you do look like, but such traitorsA Traitor you doe looke like, but such traitors
As You Like ItAYL I.iii.54Yet your mistrust cannot make me a traitor.Yet your mistrust cannot make me a Traitor;
As You Like ItAYL I.iii.61What's that to me? My father was no traitor;What's that to me, my Father was no Traitor,
As You Like ItAYL I.iii.70But now I know her. If she be a traitor,But now I know her: if she be a Traitor,
The Comedy of ErrorsCE III.ii.170Hath almost made me traitor to myself.Hath almost made me Traitor to my selfe:
CoriolanusCor III.i.162'Has spoken like a traitor and shall answerHa's spoken like a Traitor, and shall answer
CoriolanusCor III.i.285This viperous traitor. To eject him henceThis Viporous Traitor: to eiect him hence
CoriolanusCor III.iii.66For which you are a traitor to the people.For which you are a Traitor to the people.
CoriolanusCor III.iii.67.1How – traitor?How? Traytor?
CoriolanusCor III.iii.69Call me their traitor, thou injurious Tribune!Call me their Traitor, thou iniurious Tribune.
CoriolanusCor V.vi.85But tell the traitor in the highest degreeBut tell the Traitor in the highest degree
CoriolanusCor V.vi.87.1Traitor? How now?Traitor? How now?
CoriolanusCor V.vi.87.2Ay, traitor, Martius!I Traitor, Martius.
CymbelineCym III.iv.87Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitorDo feele the Treason sharpely, yet the Traitor
CymbelineCym IV.ii.120Who called me traitor, mountaineer, and swore,Who call'd me Traitor, Mountaineer, and swore
CymbelineCym V.v.318What of him? He is a banished traitor.What of him? He is a banish'd Traitor.
CymbelineCym V.v.321.1I know not how a traitor.I know not how, a Traitor.
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.ii.144By the Lord, I'll be a traitor then, when thouIle be a Traitor then, when thou
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.iii.85Be emptied to redeem a traitor home?Be emptied, to redeeme a Traitor home?
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.ii.107I do arrest thee, traitor, of high treason;I doe arrest thee (Traytor) of high Treason:
Henry IV Part 22H4 IV.iii.7still your name, a traitor your degree, and the dungeonyour Name, a Traytor your Degree, and the Dungeon
Henry VH5 II.ii.120Unless to dub thee with the name of traitor.Vnlesse to dub thee with the name of Traitor.
Henry VH5 IV.viii.9'Sblood! an arrant traitor as any's in the'Sblud, an arrant Traytor as anyes in the
Henry VH5 IV.viii.15I am no traitor.I am no Traytor.
Henry VH5 IV.viii.25My liege, here is a villain and a traitor, that,My Liege, heere is a Villaine, and a Traytor, that
Henry VI Part 11H6 II.iv.97Condemned to die for treason, but no traitor;Condemn'd to dye for Treason, but no Traytor;
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.iii.13And I am louted by a traitor villainAnd I am lowted by a Traitor Villaine,
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.iii.27By forfeiting a traitor and a coward.By forfeyting a Traitor, and a Coward:
Henry VI Part 11H6 IV.iii.33All 'long of this vile traitor Somerset.All long of this vile Traitor Somerset.
Henry VI Part 22H6 I.iii.172Did never traitor in the land commit.Did neuer Traytor in the Land commit.
Henry VI Part 22H6 I.iii.177Doth anyone accuse York for a traitor?Doth any one accuse Yorke for a Traytor?
Henry VI Part 22H6 II.iii.98Go, take hence that traitor from our sight;Goe, take hence that Traytor from our sight,
Henry VI Part 22H6 III.i.222Say ‘Who's a traitor? Gloucester he is none.'Say, who's a Traytor? Gloster he is none.
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.ii.100and a traitor.and a Traitor.
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.ii.158traitor.Traitor.
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.iv.52Join with the traitor; and they jointly swearIoyne with the Traitor, and they ioyntly sweare
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.ix.8Why, Buckingham, is the traitor Cade surprised?Why Buckingham, is the Traitor Cade surpris'd?
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.ix.30The Duke of Somerset, whom he terms a traitor.The Duke of Somerset, whom he tearmes a Traitor.
Henry VI Part 22H6 IV.x.64Is't Cade that I have slain, that monstrous traitor?Is't Cade that I haue slain, that monstrous traitor?
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.61To heave the traitor Somerset from hence,To heaue the Traitor Somerset from hence,
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.95Which darest not – no, nor canst not – rule a traitor.Which dar'st not, no nor canst not rule a Traitor.
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.106O monstrous traitor! I arrest thee, York,O monstrous Traitor! I arrest thee Yorke
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.108Obey, audacious traitor; kneel for grace.Obey audacious Traitor, kneele for Grace.
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.116Shall be the surety for their traitor father.Shall be the Surety for their Traitor Father.
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.134He is a traitor; let him to the Tower,He is a Traitor, let him to the Tower,
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.143I am thy king, and thou a false-heart traitor.I am thy King, and thou a false-heart Traitor:
Henry VI Part 22H6 V.i.191A subtle traitor needs no sophister.A subtle Traitor needs no Sophister.
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.i.79Thy father was a traitor to the crown.Thy Father was a Traytor to the Crowne.
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.i.80Exeter, thou art a traitor to the crownExeter thou art a Traytor to the Crowne,
Henry VI Part 33H6 I.i.104What title hast thou, traitor, to the crown?What Title hast thou Traytor to the Crowne?
Henry VI Part 33H6 IV.i.112Ha! Durst the traitor breathe out so proud words?Ha? durst the Traytor breath out so prowd words?
Henry VI Part 33H6 IV.vi.54Forthwith that Edward be pronounced a traitor,Forthwith that Edward be pronounc'd a Traytor,
Henry VI Part 33H6 IV.viii.63And take the great-grown traitor unawares.And take the great-growne Traytor vnawares:
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.i.106O passing traitor, perjured and unjust!Oh passing Traytor, periur'd and vniust.
Henry VI Part 33H6 V.v.21Which, traitor, thou wouldst have me answer to.Which (Traytor) thou would'st haue me answer to.
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.199.2A giant traitor!A Gyant Traytor.
Henry VIIIH8 I.ii.214He's traitor to th' height!Hee's Traytor to th'height.
Henry VIIIH8 III.ii.252.1Thou art a proud traitor, priest.Thou art a proud Traitor, Priest.
Henry VIIIH8 V.iii.96.1Must I go like a traitor thither?Must I goe like a Traytor thither?
Julius CaesarJC III.ii.206not a traitor live.not a Traitor liue.
King Edward IIIE3 I.i.105Regenerate traitor, viper to the placeRegenerate Traytor, viper to the place,
King JohnKJ II.i.507Himself love's traitor. This is pity now,Himselfe loues traytor, this is pittie now;
King LearKL III.iv.55course his own shadow for a traitor. Bless thy five wits!course his owne shadow for a Traitor. Blisse thy fiue Wits,
King LearKL III.iv.67Death, traitor! Nothing could have subdued natureDeath Traitor, nothing could haue subdu'd Nature
King LearKL III.vii.3 landed. – Seek out the traitor Gloucester.landed: seeke out the Traitor Glouster.
King LearKL III.vii.22.2Go seek the traitor Gloucester.go seek the Traitor Gloster,
King LearKL III.vii.27.2Who's there? The traitor?Who's there? the Traitor?
King LearKL III.vii.32.2Hard, hard! O filthy traitor!Hard, hard: O filthy Traitor.
King LearKL III.vii.37.1So white, and such a traitor!So white, and such a Traitor?
King LearKL IV.v.37If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor,If you do chance to heare of that blinde Traitor,
King LearKL IV.vi.228To raise my fortunes. Thou old unhappy traitor,To raise my fortunes. Thou old, vnhappy Traitor,
King LearKL IV.vi.232Darest thou support a published traitor? Hence,Dar'st thou support a publish'd Traitor? Hence,
King LearKL V.iii.99That names me traitor, villain-like he lies.That names me Traitor, villain-like he lies,
King LearKL V.iii.111Earl of Gloucester, that he is a manifold traitor, let himEarle of Gloster, that he is a manifold Traitor, let him
King LearKL V.iii.131Thy valour and thy heart, thou art a traitor,Thy valor, and thy heart, thou art a Traitor:
King LearKL V.iii.136A most toad-spotted traitor. Say thou ‘ no,’A most Toad-spotted Traitor. Say thou no,
Love's Labour's LostLLL V.ii.596A kissing traitor. How art thou provedA kissing traitor. How art thou prou'd
MacbethMac I.ii.54Assisted by that most disloyal traitor,Assisted by that most disloyall Traytor,
MacbethMac IV.ii.45Was my father a traitor, mother?Was my Father a Traitor, Mother?
MacbethMac IV.ii.47What is a traitor?What is a Traitor?
MacbethMac IV.ii.50Every one that does so is a traitor,Euery one that do's so, is a Traitor,
MacbethMac IV.ii.82.2He's a traitor.He's a Traitor.
PericlesPer II.v.53.1Traitor, thou liest.Traytor, thou lyest.
PericlesPer II.v.53.2Traitor!Traytor?
PericlesPer II.v.53.3Ay, traitor,I, traytor.
PericlesPer II.v.58That calls me traitor, I return the lie.That cals me Traytor, I returne the lye.
Richard IIR2 I.i.39Thou art a traitor and a miscreant,Thou art a Traitor, and a Miscreant;
Richard IIR2 I.i.83If I be traitor or unjustly fight!If I be Traitor, or vniustly fight.
Richard IIR2 I.i.91Like a false traitor and injurious villain.Like a false Traitor, and iniurious Villaine.
Richard IIR2 I.i.102And consequently, like a traitor coward,And consequently, like a Traitor Coward,
Richard IIR2 I.i.144A recreant and most degenerate traitor,A recreant, and most degenerate Traitor,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.24A traitor to my God, my King, and me.A Traitor to my God, my King, and me,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.39That he is a traitor foul and dangerousThat he's a Traitor foule, and dangerous,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.108A traitor to his God, his king, and him,A Traitor to his God, his King, and him,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.201No, Bolingbroke, if ever I were traitorNo Bullingbroke: If euer I were Traitor,
Richard IIR2 II.iii.30Because your lordship was proclaimed traitor.Because your Lordship was proclaimed Traitor.
Richard IIR2 II.iii.60A banished traitor. All my treasuryA banisht Traytor; all my Treasurie
Richard IIR2 III.ii.47So when this thief, this traitor Bolingbroke,So when this Theefe, this Traytor Bullingbrooke,
Richard IIR2 III.iii.130Defiance to the traitor, and so die?Defiance to the Traytor, and so die?
Richard IIR2 IV.i.135Is a foul traitor to proud Hereford's King;Is a foule Traytor to prowd Herefords King.
Richard IIR2 IV.i.247I find myself a traitor with the rest.I finde my selfe a Traytor with the rest:
Richard IIR2 V.ii.72Treason! Foul treason! Villain! Traitor! Slave!Treason, foule Treason, Villaine, Traitor, Slaue.
Richard IIR2 V.iii.39Thou hast a traitor in thy presence there.Thou hast a Traitor in thy presence there.
Richard IIR2 V.iii.72The traitor lives, the true man's put to death.The Traitor liues, the true man's put to death.
Richard IIR2 V.iii.89Shall thy old dugs once more a traitor rear?Shall thy old dugges, once more a Traitor reare?
Richard IIIR3 I.iv.208And like a traitor to the name of GodAnd like a Traitor to the name of God,
Richard IIIR3 III.iv.75Talk'st thou to me of ifs? Thou art a traitor.Talk'st thou to me of Ifs: thou art a Traytor,
Richard IIIR3 III.v.22Here is the head of that ignoble traitor,Here is the Head of that ignoble Traytor,
Richard IIIR3 III.v.33Well, well, he was the covert'st sheltered traitor.Well, well, he was the couertst sheltred Traytor
Richard IIIR3 III.v.36We live to tell it, that the subtle traitorWe liue to tell it, that the subtill Traytor
Richard IIIR3 III.v.56The traitor speak, and timorously confessThe Traytor speake, and timorously confesse
Richard IIIR3 IV.iv.516Reward to him that brings the traitor in?Reward to him that brings the Traytor in?
Richard IIIR3 V.v.22What traitor hears me, and says not amen?What Traitor heares me, and sayes not Amen?
Romeo and JulietRJ III.v.84That is because the traitor murderer lives.That is because the Traitor liues.
The Taming of the ShrewTS V.ii.159And graceless traitor to her loving lord?And gracelesse Traitor to her louing Lord?
The TempestTem I.ii.461(to Miranda) Speak not you for him. He's a traitor. – Come!Pros. Speake not you for him: hee's a Traitor: come,
The TempestTem I.ii.470My foot my tutor? – Put thy sword up, traitor,My foote my Tutor? Put thy sword vp Traitor,
Titus AndronicusTit I.i.299Traitor, restore Lavinia to the Emperor.Traytor restore Lauinia to the Emperour.
Titus AndronicusTit I.i.406Traitor, if Rome have law or we have power,Traytor, if Rome haue law, or we haue power,
Titus AndronicusTit IV.iii.35And vengeance on the traitor Saturnine.And vengeance on the Traytor Saturnine.
Troilus and CressidaTC I.i.33So, traitor! – ‘ when she comes ’? – when is she thence?So (Traitor) then she comes, when she is thence.
Troilus and CressidaTC V.i.93traitor Calchas his tent. I'll after. – Nothing butTraitour Chalcas his Tent. Ile after---Nothing but
Troilus and CressidaTC V.vi.6O traitor Diomed! Turn thy false face, thou traitor,Oh traitour Diomed! / Turne thy false face thou traytor,
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG IV.iv.102Unless I prove false traitor to myself.Vnlesse I proue false traitor to my selfe.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK II.i.226Thou art a traitor, Arcite, and a fellowThou art a Traytour Arcite and a fellow
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.i.30.2Traitor kinsman,Traytor kinseman,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.i.35A confessed traitor, O thou most perfidiousA confest Traytor, o thou most persidious
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.iii.47.2As thou makest me, traitor.As thou makst me, Traytour.
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.vi.141A bolder traitor never trod thy ground,A bolder Traytor never trod thy ground
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.vi.160And no more moved. Where this man calls me traitor,And no more mov'd: where this man calls me Traitor,
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.vi.167So let me be most traitor, and ye please me.So let me be most Traitor, and ye please me:
The Two Noble KinsmenTNK III.vi.170Stay here to love her; and if she say ‘ traitor,’Stay here to love her; and if she say Traytor,
The Winter's TaleWT II.i.89More, she's a traitor, and Camillo isMore; shee's a Traytor, and Camillo is
The Winter's TaleWT II.iii.130Thou, traitor, hast set on thy wife to this.Thou (Traytor) hast set on thy Wife to this.
The Winter's TaleWT IV.iv.417That thus affects a sheep-hook? – Thou, old traitor,That thus affects a sheepe-hooke? Thou, old Traitor,


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The Rape of LucreceLuc.73 In their pure ranks his traitor eye encloses; In their pure rankes his traytor eye encloses,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.888 Thou ravisher, thou traitor, thou false thief, Thou rauisher, thou traytor, thou false theefe,
The Rape of LucreceLuc.1686 Comes all too late, yet let the traitor die, Comes all too late, yet let the Traytor die,


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dastardcoward, sissy, runaway, traitor
proditortraitor, betrayer, renegade
treachertraitor, deceiver, cheat


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Thou and you...n formal between equals thou art a traitor tnk ii i 226 palamon to arcite then c...
What and what... what in the world he is / that names me traitor whoever what 2h4 i ii 114 what t...

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TRAITORBASICtraitor adj, traitor n, traitorly adv, traitorous adj, traitorously adv, traitress n


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