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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Henry IV Part 22H4 II.ii.18But that the tennis-court keeper knows better than I,But that the Tennis-Court-keeper knowes better then I,
PericlesPer II.i.60In that vast tennis-court, hath made the ballIn that vast Tennis-court, hath made the Ball


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accostapproach, make up to, pay court to
allegedcited in court, proposed, offered
answerinterrogation, cross-examination, appearance in court, trial
attendserve at court, wait on royalty
base-court[of a castle] lower courtyard, servants' courtyard
benchgoverning body, court of justice
carpetfor exploits ‘on the carpet’ [relating to the court, appropriate to a drawing room] not ‘in the field’
causecourt case, legal action, matter before the court
chace[tennis] forfeited point; also: pursuit
chase[tennis] forfeited point; also: pursuit
consistoryecclesiastical court
courtcare, custody, minding
courtassembly, court occasion
courtpay court, play the suitor [to]
court holy-watergracious but empty promises, courtly flattery
court of guardguard-house, guard-room
court-cupboardsideboard, cabinet
court-handlegal style of handwriting
courtlybelonging to the court, connected with the court
courtshipcourt life, courtliness; also: wooing, courting
crierofficer who makes announcements in a court of law
empannelenrol, oblige to appear in a court
fe, feFie, fie, fie, fie, faith, it's very hot. I'm going to watch the great business at court'
followseek after, pursue, strive for, court
forthcomingproducable in court, available as evidence / as a witness
hair[product stuffed with hair] tennis-ball
hazard[royal tennis] opening in a court where a ball is unplayable [and thus a winning point is scored]
impannelenrol, oblige to appear in a court
lawin court, with legal proceedings
leetlocal court of justice, manorial court
minstrelsycourt singer
missingabsence, disappearance, non-attendance [at court]
monarcho[pron: 'monahrkoh] vain hanger-on at court, pretentious absurdity
mutedumb servant [as in a Turkish court]
paritorsummoning officer for an ecclesiastical court
preceptwrit, warrant, court order
premise(plural) evidence, circumstances admitted in court
removednessabsence [from court], non-attendance
session, sessionsjudicial assembly, trial, court
set[cards, tennis] series of games
solicitcourt, chase after, pursue
sparebe free [at court], not needed
Star-chambersupreme court of justice
statepersons of rank, nobility, court, council of state
suepay court, act as a suitor
suitcourt attendance, personal retinue
summonercourt-officer who ensures attendance
tipstaffcourt officer


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absence [from court]removedness
appearance in courtanswer
attendance in courtsuit
attendance, court-officer who ensuressummoner
case, courtcause
case, courtlaw
circumstances admitted in courtpremise
cited in courtalleged
court [assembly]state
court [assembly]session, sessions
court [pursue]solicit
court [pursue]follow
court appearanceanswer
court attendancesuit
court casecause
court lifecourtship
court occasioncourt
court of justicebench
court of justice, supremeStar-chamber
court officertipstaff
court orderprecept
court singerminstrelsy
court, belonging to thecourtly
court, circumstances admitted inpremise
court, cited inalleged
court, ecclesiasticalconsistory
court, inlaw
court, manorialleet
court, oblige to appear in aempannel
court, oblige to appear in aimpannel
court, paysue
court, paycourt
court, payaccost
court, producable inforthcoming
court, serve at attend
court, summoning officer for an ecclesiastical paritor
court, vain hanger-on atmonarcho
court-officer who ensures attendancesummoner
ecclesiastical courtconsistory
forfeited point [in tennis]chace
free, be [at court]spare
games, series of [in cards, tennis]set
justice, court ofbench
justice, local court ofleet
life, courtcourtship
manorial courtleet
officer who makes announcements in a court of lawcrier
officer, courttipstaff
officer, courtsummoner
order, courtprecept
point, forfeited [in tennis]chace
producable in courtforthcoming
pursuit [in tennis]chace
series of games [in cards, tennis]set
serve at courtattend
singer, courtminstrelsy
summoning officer for an ecclesiastical courtparitor
supreme court of justiceStar-chamber
tennis court, unplayable opening in ahazard
vain hanger-on at courtmonarcho

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