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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
Antony and CleopatraAC I.iii.13.2I am sick and sullen.I am sicke, and sullen.
As You Like ItAYL II.i.67I love to cope him in these sullen fits,I loue to cope him in these sullen fits,
Henry IV Part 11H4 I.ii.210And like bright metal on a sullen ground,And like bright Mettall on a sullen ground:
Henry IV Part 22H4 I.i.102Sounds ever after as a sullen bellSounds euer after as a sullen Bell
Henry VI Part 22H6 I.ii.5Why are thine eyes fixed to the sullen earth,Why are thine eyes fixt to the sullen earth,
King Edward IIIE3 II.i.197Thy gloomy consort, sullen melancholy?Thy gloomy consort, sullome melancholie,
King Edward IIIE3 IV.iv.8Leaving no hope to us but sullen darkLeauing no hope to vs but sullen darke,
King JohnKJ I.i.28And sullen presage of your own decay.And sullen presage of your owne decay:
Richard IIR2 I.iii.227Shorten my days thou canst with sullen sorrow,Shorten my dayes thou canst with sudden sorow,
Richard IIR2 I.iii.265The sullen passage of thy weary stepsThe sullen passage of thy weary steppes
Richard IIR2 V.vi.48And put on sullen black incontinent.And put on sullen Blacke incontinent:
Richard IIIR3 IV.i.101Rude ragged nurse, old sullen playfellowRude ragged Nurse, old sullen Play-fellow,
Romeo and JulietRJ III.iii.143But, like a mishaved and sullen wench,But like a mishaped and sullen wench,
Romeo and JulietRJ IV.v.88Our solemn hymns to sullen dirges change;Our solemne Hymnes, to sullen Dyrges change:
The Taming of the ShrewTS II.i.237'Twas told me you were rough, and coy, and sullen,'Twas told me you were rough, and coy, and sullen,
The Taming of the ShrewTS V.ii.156And when she is froward, peevish, sullen, sour,And when she is froward, peeuish, sullen, sowre,
Timon of AthensTim I.ii.241Now, Apemantus, if thou wert not sullen, INow Apermantus (if thou wert not sullen) I
The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTG III.i.68No, trust me; she is peevish, sullen, froward,No, trust me, She is peeuish, sullen, froward,


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PlayKey LineModern TextOriginal Text
SonnetsSonn.29.12 From sullen earth sings hymns at heaven's gate; From sullen earth sings himns at Heauens gate,
SonnetsSonn.71.2 Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell Then you shall heare the surly sullen bell
Venus and AdonisVen.75 Still is he sullen, still he lours and frets, Still is he sullein, still he lowres and frets,


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cloudysullen, gloomy, scowling
dullgloomy, melancholic, sullen
moodyangry, wrathful, rancorous, sullen
saddismal, morose, sullen
sourgive a morose expression, make sullen
sullendull, drab, sombre
sullengloomy, dismal, melancholy, mournful
sullen(plural) sullenness, gloomy mood, sulks
sullen[Q variant of 'sorry'] gloomy, dismal, melancholy, mournful


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sullen, makesour

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Humours... 43) melancholy sad gloomy sullen depressed jaques (as described by ro...

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SULLENBASICsullen adj, sullens n