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The Winter's TaleWT III.iii.72has been some stair-work, some trunk-work, somehas beene some staire-worke, some Trunke-worke, some


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Ariachne[pron: ari'aknee] weaver from Lydia, who challenged Athene to a contest; when Ariachne’s work was seen to be superior, Athene destroyed it, and Ariachne hanged herself; Athene saved her, but changed her into a spider; also known as Arachne
a-workat work, in action
basenesslowly activity, contemptible work
charmwork magic [on], bewitch, enchant
coactiveworking together, acting in concert
coals, carrysubmit to insult, show cowardice; also: do degrading work
computationworking out, reasoning, cogitation
contrivingplotting, skilfully working [on one's behalf]
counter-caster[contemptuous] one who works things out with the help of counters, arithmetician
curiousfinely made, skilfully wrought, elaborate
curious-goodfinely elaborate, excellently wrought
customtrade, business, line of work
cutwork-horse, nag
delicatefinely wrought, skilfully made, ingenious
devicedesign, ingenuity, work
deviceskilful piece of work
engineerconstructor of military works; plotter, contriver
et opusand I have completed a work that neither the anger of Jove nor fire
exercisework, practise, perform [a function]
fallwork out, happen, turn out
fallset to work, begin eating
fashionframe, work in, introduce
gatherinfer, work out [for oneself], guess at
getwork hard for
goendeavour, set to work, start trying
goget moving, get to work, come on
goget the better of, set to work on
grisestep, stair
hammerpuzzle out, work hard at, work out
handhandiwork, job, work
heatwhile feeling heated, while worked up
high-wroughtextremely rough, highly turbulent
husbandryindustriousness, diligence, eagerness to work
husbandryhousehold work, chores
insinuatecurry favour, work subtly [on], ingratiate oneself
labourhard work, physical toil [with pun on childbirth]
labourservice, effort, hard work
labourwork hard for, try to bring about, urge
labourdo the work of, exert oneself on behalf of
labouredhard-worked, exhausted by toil
laboursomelaborious, assiduous, hard-working
latticelattice-work, criss-cross adornment; also: tavern symbol
laybring into action, put to work
layformulate, work out, estimate
manner[legal] act, work, deed
meritgood works [yielding reward from God]
officecarry out the work for, act as servants to
officedfunctional, working, serviceable
operationplan, active thought, working idea
operativeeffective, efficacious, capable of working
'orkWelsh pronunciation of 'work'
overlabouredoverworked, overburdened, exhausted by work
packhorsework-horse, drudge, toiler
pair of stairsflight of stairs
PenelopeUlysses' wife, who waited 20 years for his return from Troy; she told suitors she had to finish weaving a shroud for Ulysses' father before she could remarry, and undid the work each night
piecework (of art), creation
plystudy, work at, apply oneself to
practiceoccupation, profession, line of work
practisework upon, act craftily with, make to operate
putput to the test, set to work
putgo to work, have sex
sale-workready-made goods
sconcefort, military work
soon-speedingquick-acting, rapidly working
speedingeffective, rapidly working, successful
spellingincantatory, which work spells
standcome forward, set to work
tapwork as a tapster
tempermould, shape, work, bring [to a particular character]
tilthlabour of cultivation, agricultural work, husbandry
traderegular line of work, recognized business
trade-fallenout-of-work, unemployed, bankrupt
travaillabour, make an effort, work hard [for] [often overlapping with the sense of 'travel']
unyokestop working, cease labouring
washlabour in vain, work to no purpose
workact upon, continue with
workhappen, proceed, come about
workact, behave, conduct oneself
workpersuade, urge
workembroider, make, sew
workbring about, arrange, effect
workperform, do, carry out
workpractise, proceed, plot
workaffect, stir, act upon
work(plural) fortifications, defences, ramparts
workembroidery, needlework
workpractise on, work upon, act on
workwork for, plan, try to arrange
workwork on, manipulate
workrun, toss about, rage
workpreserve to the end, manage to maintain
workfort, barricade
workdeed, doing, action
workactivate, galvanize, make work
workbring about, arrange, effect
workingbeing used, being worked upon [by the world]
workingaim, endeavour, performance
workingperception, mental operation, insight
workingeffort, exertion, labour
workingmoving, full of emotion
workingoperation, action, activity
working-dayworkaday, everyday, humdrum
working-houseworkhouse, place of industry
wrackwork with disastrous result
wroughtpast form of 'work'


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agricultural worktilth
constructor of military worksengineer
contemptible workbaseness
counters, work things out with counter-caster
degrading work, do coals, carry
disastrous result, work with wrack
eagerness to workhusbandry
excellently wroughtcurious-good
exhausted by worklaboured
exhausted by workoverlaboured
finely wroughtdelicate
flight of stairspair of stairs
good worksmerit
hard worklabour
hard, worklabour
hard, worktravail
hard, workhammer
hard, workget
household workhusbandry
idea, workingoperation
magic, workcharm
military worksconce
military works, constructor ofengineer
purpose, work to nowash
rapidly workingsoon-speeding
rapidly workingspeeding
set to workstand
set to workfall
set to work ongo
skilful piece of workdevice
skilfully workingcontriving
skilfully wroughtcurious
spells, workingspelling
stairs, flight ofpair of stairs
stop workingunyoke
subtly, workinsinuate
tapster, work as a tap
together, workingcoactive
work atply
work forwork
work hardtravail
work hardhammer
work hardget
work hardlabour
work infashion
work of, do thelabour
work onwork
work outhammer
work outfall
work outlay
work out [for oneself]gather
work subtlyinsinuate
work things out with counters counter-caster
work to no purposewash
work uponwork
work uponpractise
work with disastrous resultwrack
work, agriculturaltilth
work, ata-work
work, carry out theoffice
work, contemptiblebaseness
work, do degrading coals, carry
work, eagerness tohusbandry
work, exhausted bylaboured
work, exhausted byoverlaboured
work, get togo
work, go toput
work, hardlabour
work, hardlabour
work, householdhusbandry
work, line ofcustom
work, line ofpractice
work, makework
work, militarysconce
work, out oftrade-fallen
work, put tolay
work, regular line oftrade
work, set toput
work, set togo
work, set tofall
work, set togo
work, set tostand
work, skilful piece of device
worked upon, being [by the world]working
working ideaoperation
working outcomputation
working rapidlyspeeding
working rapidlysoon-speeding
working skilfullycontriving
working togethercoactive
working, capable ofoperative
working, stopunyoke
works, constructor of militaryengineer
works, goodmerit
wrought, excellentlycurious-good

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