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Love's Labour's LostLLL I.i.244That unlettered small-knowing soul –that vnletered small knowing soule,


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advertise, advertizemake known, instruct, inform about
aglet-baby[unclear meaning] small ornamental figure forming the tag of a lace
airbecome known, spread about
ale, small
AlexanderAlexander the Great; Macedonian king in 4th-c BC, known for his extensive empire
Ariachne[pron: ari'aknee] weaver from Lydia, who challenged Athene to a contest; when Ariachne’s work was seen to be superior, Athene destroyed it, and Ariachne hanged herself; Athene saved her, but changed her into a spider; also known as Arachne
Athene[pron: a'theena] Greek goddess of wisdom and learning, protector of Athens; also known as Athena, Pallas Athena, or Pallas
BanburyOxfordshire town, known for its rich milk cheese about an inch thick
banneretsmall banner, ornamental streamer
beer / ale, smallweak beer, beer of poor quality
beer / ale, smalltrivialities, trifles, matters of little consequence
bewrayshow, unmask, make known
birdinghunting small birds
blazeproclaim, divulge, make known
bodkinsmall sharply pointed implement for piercing
bucklersmall round shield
burgonet[type of] small light helmet
buzzimpatient request for silence (usually because news is already known)
cabinsmall room, hut, shelter
cagepen, lock-up, small prison compound
canakin, cannakinlittle can, small drinking vessel
cellsmall humble dwelling
chalicesmall goblet, tiny tankard
chantrysmall private chapel
cobloafsmall round lumpish loaf
cocksmall ship's boat, dinghy
cockwoodcock [known for its foolishness]
coronetsmall crown [inferior to one worn by the sovereign]
cram upforce into a small space, stuff in
craresmall trading boat [emendation in some editions]
cravewish to know, solicit
CreteMediterranean island, known for its dogs
cribshut up [as in a tiny hovel], confine within a small space
culverintype of small cannon
dacetype of small fish, used as a bait
deciphermake known to, indicate to
demi-coronalsmall coronet
denotementaccount, description, making known
descryreveal, disclose, make known
dimay the gods cause your action to be that which makes you best known
diminutiveundersized person, very small being
discoverreveal, show, make known
discussdisclose, make known, declare
distractiondivision, small detachment
divulgeproclaim, reveal, make publicly known
doit[small Dutch coin = half an English farthing] trivial sum, worthless amount, trifle
dowle, dowlsmall feather, tiny part of a feather
dramtiny amount, small quantity
dram[small dose of] poison
earnestguarantee, promise [small sum of money paid to secure a bargain]
equipage[unclear meaning] small parts, instalments
famousnotorious, infamous, well-known
flap-dragontiny sweetmeat, small cake
flap-dragons[game of bravado] snap-dragons: small burning objects floating on liquor, which have to be avoided while drinking; or: edible objects floating on burning liquor, to be seized and eaten
floweretsmall flower
foreknowknow in advance, have previous knowledge
foreknowingknowing in advance, foreknowledge
forty penceproverbial for a small sum of money
Galloway nagsmall strong riding horse [from Galloway, Scotland]; prostitute
garden-housesmall building in a garden [often used for lovers' assignations]
gennetsmall Spanish horse
givereport, assert, make known
Guinevere[pron: 'gwineveer] legendary Queen of Britain, known for her unfaithfulness to her husband
gusttaste; realize, know of
haberdasherdealer in small articles relating to clothing
half-sword, atat the length of a small-sized sword, at close quarters
hebonapoisonous plant [identity not known, perhaps henbane]
hoysmall coastal ship
Icelandcountry known at the time for its long-haired dogs
imparttell, make known, communicate
inchvery gradually, bit by bit, by small degrees
jennetsmall Spanish horse
keepprevent from growing, keep small
kenknow, understand, be aware of
kenknow, be acquainted with
knowbe acquainted, meet before
knowacknowledge, remember, think [of]
knowunravel, get to understand
knowhave sexual knowledge of, have intercourse with
knowsee through, find out about
knowfind out, ascertain, learn [from]
knowingknowledge of the world, experience, savoir-faire
knowingknowledgeable, intelligent, perceptive
knowingknowledge, awareness, understanding
knownwell-acquainted, familiar to each other
Laplandprovince of N Finland, known at the time for sorcery and witchcraft
leasttoo small; or: inferior
lightlyslightly, in small degree
littleon a small scale, in miniature
littlesmall achievement, slight accomplishments
little[of voices] small, tiny
loachtype of small fish
lowshort, small
marmosettype of small monkey
meanlynot a little, in no small degree
messsmall quantity, little bit
messsmall group of people eating together
moregreat and small
mortar-piecetype of small high-firing cannon
namelessinexpressible, beyond words; or: too small to be worth describing
narrowlimited, very small, poor
notedrecognizable, well-known, familiar
noviI know the man as well as I know you
parcelsmall group, company, party
partakemake known, impart, communicate
Parthianfrom Parthia, ancient kingdom of W Asia; known for skilled horsemen and archery
pennyworthsmall amount, little bit
pettysmall, weak, inadequate, insignificant
pinnacesmall speedy boat with a single mast
pouncet-boxsmall box with a perforated lid for holding snuff or perfume
proclaimdenounce, make one's wickedness known
publishannounce, make public, make generally known
quatpimple, small boil
remembermention, make known
rowelsmall sharp wheel at the end of a spur
Saint Colm's InchInchcolm; small island in the Firth of Forth, E Scotland; site of an abbey
Saint George's Fieldarea of Southwark, London, well known for its brothels
scholarlearned man, erudite person [who knows Latin, the language of exorcism]
scotpayment, contribution, small amount
Scythian[pron: 'sithian] someone from Scythia, ancient region of E Europe; people known for pitilessness
shrewdknowing, artful, smart
signifyreport, make known, declare
simplebasic, minimal, small
skiffgo in a skiff [= small boat]
smallhigh-pitched, fluting, thin
smalllittle by little, by degrees, gradually
smallweak, poor
smallslender, slim
smalllower leg
smalllittle, not much
so-forthsuch-and-such, you know what
solidarenot a known coin; expressive of a paltry sum
speculationpower of knowing, faculty of intelligence
tabortype of small drum, especially used in revelling
Tartarsomeone from Tartary, C Asia; known for pitilessness; also, a stereotype of dark complexion
tellcommunicate, make known
thumb-ringsmall ring used for sealing documents
triflesmall token, insignificant sign
trowknow, guess, imagine
tuftclump, small group, thicket
unknownobscure, little-known
vialphial, small bottle, flask
virginalssmall keyboard instrument
vulgargenerally known, commonly acknowledged
well-knowncertain, clear, apparent
wistknew for certain
witknow, be aware, realize
wormwoodabsinthe plant, known for its bitter taste
wotlearn, know, be told


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achievement, smalllittle
advance, know inforeknow
advance, knowing inforeknowing
amount, smallscot
amount, smallpennyworth
banner, smallbanneret
birds, hunting smallbirding
boil, smallquat
bottle, smallvial
building in a garden, small garden-house
cake, smallflap-dragon
certain, know forwist
chapel, small private chantry
confine within a small spacecrib
coronet, smalldemi-coronal
crown, smallcoronet
degree, in no smallmeanly
degree, in smalllightly
detachment, smalldistraction
dwelling, small humble cell
feather, smalldowle, dowl
flower, smallfloweret
force into a small spacecram up
garden, small building in a garden-house
generally knownvulgar
great and smallmore
group, smallparcel
group, smalltuft
helmet, small light burgonet
horse, small Spanish jennet
horse, small Spanish gennet
horse, small strong ridingGalloway nag
hunting small birdsbirding
keep smallkeep
know for certainwist
know in advanceforeknow
know, wish to crave
knowing in advanceforeknowing
knowing, power ofspeculation
known, becomeair
known, generallyvulgar
known, makeadvertise, advertize
known, makebewray
known, makeblaze
known, makeimpart
known, maketell
known, makediscover
known, makedescry
known, makediscuss
known, makepartake
known, makesignify
known, makeremember
known, makegive
known, makedecipher
known, make generallypublish
known, make publiclydivulge
known, make wickednessproclaim
known, makingdenotement
loaf, small round lumpish cobloaf
money, small sum offorty pence
parts, smallequipage
power of knowingspeculation
prison compound, smallcage
publicly known, makedivulge
quantity, smallmess
quantity, smalldram
ring for sealing documents, smallthumb-ring
room, smallcabin
sealing documents, small ring for thumb-ring
shield, small round buckler
small [quality]petty
small [quality]simple
small [size]low
small [voice]little
small achievementlittle
small amountscot
small amountpennyworth
small being, verydiminutive
small coronetdemi-coronal
small crowncoronet
small degree, inlightly
small degree, in nomeanly
small degrees, byinch
small drinking vesselcanakin, cannakin
small flowerfloweret
small groupparcel
small ornamental figure forming the tag of a laceaglet-baby
small partsequipage
small quantitymess
small quantitydram
small scale, on alittle
small sum of moneyforty pence
small tokentrifle
small, keepkeep
small, too least
small, verynarrow
space, force into a smallcram up
sword, at the length of a small-sizedhalf-sword, at
token, smalltrifle
vessel, small drinkingcanakin, cannakin
wickedness known, makeproclaim
wish to knowcrave

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